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Trauma and the brain

Why do we remember anything? We clearly don’t remember everything. So why bother remembering anything at all? It’s pretty clear life would be difficult and potentially dangerous without memories. Memories play an important role in keeping us safe. We learn from a bad experience so we don’t make the mistake again. So while many of […]

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Look at that Hamster go (nowhere)

June 12, 2015IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, Lightning Process, The Stress ResponseComments Off on Look at that Hamster go (nowhere)

Seeing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a dysfunctional Autonomic Nervous System allows people to look at the role stress hormones may play in onset and maintenance of the condition. This opens up many potential factors which therefore requires the Lightning Process to be a broad and personalised approach. People who take on the training need to be […]

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Neuroplasticity and Anxiety

Neuroplasticity has been talked about as the greatest medical breakthrough in the last few hundred years.  The idea that our brain can change its structure and function through mental experience was considered heresy only a few decades ago. Now we know that the brain is CONSTANTLY changing and adapting to experience. So not only were […]

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Management versus retraining

February 27, 2015IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, Lightning ProcessComments Off on Management versus retraining

An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day ‘Please Stop Making that Noise’, looked at a doctor’s experience of suffering from misophonia (or selective sound sensitivity syndrome). This is a condition where certain sounds from other people like chewing, breathing, coughing swallowing in other people fires an emotional response of anger, disgust […]

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Acceptance and Hopelessness

There’s some really interesting discussions taking place around the impact that a diagnosis can play in the path of physical conditions. That’s a fascinating concept. How can ‘naming it’ change anything for a physical condition? Clearly a diagnosis can be valuable in knowing what the appropriate course of action is. However, with many of the conditions I […]

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What is the Lightning Process – In a single word

February 10, 2015IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Lightning ProcessComments Off on What is the Lightning Process – In a single word

I was recently asked to explain the Lightning Process in a single word. What a task!  After 7 years of taking people through the training I still struggle to explain what it is because it is many things. It is a framework in which I work, and one person’s Lightning Process experience will be very […]

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Should I stay or should I go? Where to do your training.

June 28, 2014IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and other conditions, Lightning Process, NeuroplasticityComments Off on Should I stay or should I go? Where to do your training.

People often face a dilemma – to travel to a training to get it done sooner or wait for me to run one close by? I am often asked my advice on this issue so I thought I would answer this question in a blog post. For my wife to recover from ME/CFS she had […]

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ME/CFS Awareness Day

May 11, 2014IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, In the News & Research, Lightning ProcessComments Off on ME/CFS Awareness Day

This week is ME/CFS Awareness Week and you are likely to see stories reach the press about the condition.  (If there is an International Star Wars Day on May 4th  – “May the 4th be with you” –  then ME/CFS deserves its own week.) But I have a problem with the campaign. Last year I […]

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Self Rescue!

April 11, 2014IanInspirational & General Interest, Lightning ProcessComments Off on Self Rescue!

“So you’re in a spot of bother. Well, you aren’t the first and you sure won’t be the last – so have faith and keep your hope up  -whether you make it out alive or not will largely come down to you: your attitude and your actions. “ Bear Grylls I have to admit that […]

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Fibromyalgia & Neuroplasticity

January 16, 2014IanChronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Lightning Process, Neuroplasticity, Success StoriesComments Off on Fibromyalgia & Neuroplasticity

I just had a wonderful catch-up conversation with someone who has was suffering with Fibromyalgia for 14 years before doing the Lightning Process.  She first heard about my work several years ago but was part of a support group who ridiculed the idea that people can recover by retraining their brain and body. So she […]

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