Ian Cleary

Everyone I see has already tried many things before they come to the Lightning Process. Some worked a little, some worked for a while and some were a waste of time and money. So most people come to the Lightning Process with questions.

Here are some common questions. More questions are regularly answered on my facebook page and blog postings.

If you have any specific questions please email.

What is the Lightning Proces?
How does it work?
Can it be learnt from a book, online or from a cd or DVD?
I am not sure if I have ME/CFS. Can you diagnose me?
Can I take the training if I am on medication?
Is it like any other therapy?
Who can take the training?
Is it easy to learn?
Will doing the course make me well?
Do the changes last?
How is the course structured?
How much does it cost and what does this include?
Why does it cost this amount?
Will my private health insurance cover any part of the training?
How can I find out more?
How do I apply?

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