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The Lightning Process is a training programme used for chronic pain and fatigue conditions as well as a range of other physical and emotional issues.

The Lightning Process looks at how the brain and body influence each other and how we can use these findings practically to make radical changes in our health and lives.

Unlike a drug approach, therapy or treatments, the Lightning process is an active process. You are not a passive recipient in your success or reliant on a practitioner or therapist to do the work. Instead, your success was a clear ordered path due to the action you took. You don’t just take a pill and cross your fingers or lie back and put your health in the hands of an expert. You become the expert. This gives back the sense of control which has often long gone with the people I see. Once you achieve success, then any fear of relapse goes, as you know the exact steps you took to get well. You are back in the drivers seat in life and can focus on doing the things you love.

Below is an over-view of some of the things we cover in the training. Please make contact to talk about how the Lightning Process might help your own situation.


THE LIGHTNING PROCESS –   Underpinning the Lightning Process approach are theories such as –

  • ‚       Neural plasticity – the ability of the pathways of the brain to change and develop in response to learning and repetition and the forming of rigidity through repetative usage
  • ‚Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)  the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems.

An understanding of the interplay between these things can highlight how people can become stuck in their health and lives.

To change this, the Lightning Process draw from fields such as mindfulness, self-hypnosis, osteopathy, NLP, life coaching to create an easy to implement and methodical training model.

Over the three days people learn skills that are then put into practice. It is this commitment to deliberate and targetted work that is essential in the retraining aspect of the Lightning Process.


On top of the 3 days my experience has shown that people benefit from ongoing follow-up and support which I include as part of the training package. As people are undertaking big changes, they benefit from having someone to support the change – like a personal health trainer.


In the past we have tended to see conditions as either physical or psychological. There is either something ‘broken’ or it’s ‘all in your head’. We now know this way of seeing things is biologically inaccurate and has limited the treatment options for many conditions and stigmatized or underplayed many real physical conditions.

Through a continual stream of research we now better appreciate the role that the brain and chronic stress (past or current) play in many aspects of physical health.

The Lightning Process looks at what we can do with both our brain AND our body to help our situation.

These skills are then be put into practice with consistency, using the skills in the right way and applying them at the right time. The Lightning Process therefore requires an absolute commitment and readiness to do the work and work on any elements that might be contributing factors.


Describing the Lightning Process simply is difficult as it is not one thing. It is a combination of things which is tailored to each person’s requirements. It is a framework in which I work.

A goal is to retrain and normalize a person’s responses to things (exercise/activities/movement, food, exercise, light, people etc)

We do this by using a particular combination of body postures, movements, self-hypnosis skills and a set of precisely targeted questions. These look to interrupt old ways of responding physically and mentally, and create new more healthy ways. In line with our understanding of Neuroplasticity, it is the repetative nature of the new skills that can then create a new and healthy ‘automatic’ way of responding.

“In between stimulus and response there is a gap, and in that gaps lies our freedom to choose” Victor Frankl

“We are what we repeatedly do” Aristotle


Day one:

We explore just how inter-related the brain and the body are and what factors we can influence. We look at the concept of Neuroplasticity and what the practical implications are in keeping you stuck and the skills that you can use to retrain yourself out of this ‘stuckness’.

We consider the role of dysfunctional automated stress response (adrenaline/cortisol) has in the maintenance of some conditions.

Armed with this background understanding, I take you through the key steps of the process, individually tailoring the process to your needs and abilities. The key steps include a series of body movements, postures and core questions to stimulate new neurological pathways and influence key body systems.

As the brain has the ability to create new pathways rapidly the changes can be achieved rapidly and then cemented through repetition and consistency.

Days two and three:

Further developing skills and building on success from the First Day to change old established neurological pathways and create and stabilise new and more effective ones.

Preparing for the future and preparing for being well.

An important part of the LP is that it recognizes that everyone is different. For example on top of issues with physical or mental fatigue (brain fog) someone might have issues with pain, sleep, anxiety or food intolerances (or all of these). So the training becomes adapted to what is required for each individual.


This is one of the most common questions I have com across over the last 15 years. Due to the nature of the training I cannot guarantee results but do see very high success rate,  supported by a range of peer reviewed research and studies.

To decide whether the Lightning Process is for you I recommend looking through some actual success stories and seeing if your situation sounds similar. I would also recommend arranging a time to talk through the Lightning Process with me personally in relation to your situation.


If you want something to change you have to change something

Through years of experience I have found that how someone approaches the training really matters. I’ve out this together to help you out. If you re still unsure make contact and e can talk more about your situation and whether the Lightning Process is a good fit for you.




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