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One thing the Lightning Process looks at is the role that an automated Physical Emergency Response (PER) plays. The Fight or flight response is designed as a short term response to a stressor. The stress hormones divert energy away from high energy systems that are not needed in the moment of danger to ensure your survival (the immune system is suppressed,  the digestive system slows and cognitive functioning drops). This is a clever use of energy for an emergency &  in the short term but detrimental to our health over the long term.

Chronic Stress is showing to be a key feature in many chronic illnesses.

But what if the stress response becomes automated. What if rest, slowing down or relaxing doesn’t turn it off, or what if it is triggered by ‘safe’ activities like exercise, eating or sleep?

This is one of the things we look at with ME/CFS.

This continual release of stress hormones has the body operating in the wrong physiology and functionality becomes limited. With repeated crashes the brain learns that certain activiites (or triggers) are dangerous and so any interaction with these activities or triggers produces a stress response. So we have a vicious cycle.

The Lightning Process looks to break the cycle and restore the hormone production to normal. With that comes relief from symptoms and a return to health.

The body goes into ‘fight mode’ but continues to be in ‘fight’ mode or ‘on high alert’ even after the original trigger (virus, infection, injury, chemical, trauma etc) is gone. So under this high alert mode, the brain begins to respond to normal stimulus as if they are dangerous. People can become  ‘intolerant’ to exercise, movement, food, light, chemicals, sound, even standing up for some.

So activities (or stimulus) that should be registering as normal and safe are being registered as dangerous and set off the PER. Our system becomes like a cranky old guard dog that mistakingly assumes everything that moves is a potential threat.

Amongst other things the Lightning process trains people how to spot when they are going into this response and to retrain their brain and body out of this cycle.

Once the nervous system moves out of Fight and Flight and into Rest & Digest, the brain begins to correctly read incoming messages as ‘safe’ and respond in a physiologically appropriate way.

This in turn allows basic functioning (digestion, immune function, cognitive function, endocrine function etc) to normalise.

This dysfunctional stress response can play a part in many conditions including CFS/ME, chronic pain, and anxiety and PTSD.

Once people learn to control and turn off this stress response then we find health can return quickly. You can read some people personal experience of these by reading through  Lightning Process Success Stories

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