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Understanding chronic pain is an important step in beating it. Understanding the Lightning Process approach to Chronic pain is important to decide if it is something that you can commit to using to turn your life around..

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Pain is one of the most common reason we will see a doctor but it is only in the last few years that we have come to have a better understanding the brain’s role in Pain.

With the ever-expanding understandings of the brain’s role in pain, and the interaction between the brain and the body, new non-pharmaceutical treatment options are becoming available for the treatment in Chronic Pain.

While pain medication plays a critical role for a lot of pain, particularly in the early or acute phase, there are many reasons why a purely pharmaceutical approach alone may not be totally effective or desirable.

This is where the Lightning Process approach fits in as an option- it is a non drug approach to retraining the brain and the body out of chronic pain.

It is important to first understand your pain and how the Lightning Process might help.

Please read on to better understand the Lightning Process approach and if you have any questions please make contact.

I have tried to be in depth without wanting to overwhelm with technical details. Take your time as it is all important information.

If your GP or specialist would like more information about the Lightning Process I am happy to make contact.


** This website is not to be used as a tool for diagnosis. A diagnosis from a doctor or pain specialist is important to determine the nature of the condition and the best course of action for each person.

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