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The Lightning Process has been used for a range of chronic pain conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Migraines, Post Concussion Syndrome, IBS, Chronic Back, Neck and Pelvic Pain. What these conditions have in common is that they seem to stem from a hyper-sensitivity of the nervous system, sometimes known as Central Sensitisation.

There is often fatigue and /or inflammation associated with these conditions and like with CFS, it can be seen as the body responding inappropriately to ‘normal’ stimulus (stimulus of touch, movement, food, light creates pain)

In these physical conditions, the problem is less about the site of Pain, (which may have already healed or have no damage) and more about the way the nerves are sending messages to the brain and the brain’s response to the messages (tightening, spasming or turning on pain)

One approach is to ‘manage’ the pain by avoiding the things that make you hurt. This management approach however can further entrench a problem. It keeps people on high alert for danger and focusing on the point of pain.

Instead the Lightning Process approach looks to retrain the body and brain to respond normally to stimulus (movement, touch, noise, light food etc).

To do this we need to take a broad approach and address all the things that might be keeping the system in ‘high-alert’ and retrain the brain to respond normally to the stimulus.

The first important step is to fully understand what is going on in these cases. It will then make sense why we approach these conditions with a retraining approach – retraining the nervous system and how the brain is responding to the incoming messages.

In retraining the brain and de-senstising the nervous system we look at such things as the role of stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, emotions, language, behaviour, past trauma, expectation, posture, beliefs, memories. By learning a range of techniques that look to alter the physiology such as self-hypnosis and mindfulness techniques people look to regain control.

It is through addressing all the aspects of the conditions, at the same time, that people have the best chance of success. This short video highlights the need for a broad approach in solving chronic pain.



The Lightning Process teaches people skills which must then be consistently put into practice. The approach therefore does require people to be ready to make big changes in their life. By the time acute pain has become Chronic pain, it is no longer about a single issue. People need to be ready to see their pain in a broader context and be ready to make broad changes.

This approach is not suitable for every person or all sorts of chronic pain so please read these pages carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

These pages will give an insight into understanding Chronic Pain or if you feel the Lightning Process approach is making sense then please read the Am I Ready Page.

Please note that this information is not to be used for diagnosis. Getting a good diagnosis from a GP or pain specialist is important. If your pain specialist or GP would like more information about the Lightning Process I can send out an information pack.


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