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Unless people understand this, they will struggle to get results.

Acute Pain

Acute Pain is temporary and results from something specific, such as an injury, or inflammation. There is tissue damage that needs our attention but regardless of the injury or type of pain, it is the brain that creates the pain to get us to pay attention. So pain is a message FROM the brain, not the site of pain, to get us to pay attention. Pain is good at that! It demands our attention. If the brain detects damage (or threat of damage) it turns on pain.

As the brain begins to receive messages of tissue repair and healing, it can turn pain down then eventually off, so we can start to move fully again. Movement after tissue has healed is important for our health. Prolonged un-use or over protection can be a problem so it is important that the message gets turned down and off so we can get on with life.
In these cases pain is very useful to get us to slow down, not move a part, protect or guard an injury and look after us while our bodies heal. Some pain specialists will use the term ‘good pain’ in these cases. I don’t think it is ‘good’ because it can hurt like hell, but I would agree that it is ‘useful’.

So the critical thing here is even though there might be a break, a cut a swelling, the pain is not coming from the site, it is coming from the brain and is the product of the brain’s evaluation of the situation. This is for acute pain and the pain is in the brain.

Chronic pain

Chronic Pain is pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing. There is no longer tissue damage. It should’ve healed by now and not be hurting. And in fact it often has healed. After 3-6 months the healing process has finished and the pain now has less to do with tissue damage or in fact the site of the pain. For various reason’s the brain is continuing to produce a pain message. It is more about the sensitization of the nervous system and the way the brain is interpreting incoming messages. So dealing with acute pain and chronic pain are totally different things.
Importantly If you approach chronic pain like it is just acute pain that is still going, you will struggle to get full success as it requires focusing on different things. This is really important and often not fully understood by chronic pain sufferers.

Chronic Pain drugs attempt to alter the incoming message getting to the brain. Although this can be very effective in some cases the brain can still create the pain.
The Lightning Process looks to retrain the brain to respond more appropriately and trains the nervous system out of its hypersensitivity.

The Lightning Process has been used for a range of Chronic Pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, migraine, IBS, back, neck, pelvis and head pain.

The Lightning Process of course is not a magic cure for all the possible types of pain that we can experience. It is also important to have a good diagnosis to ensure that training yourself to alter your pain experience is a wise healthy choice. If you would like to discuss your situation please make contact.

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