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A new study has cast further doubt on the idea that a virus called XMRV causes chronic fatigue syndrome.READ BBC ARTICLE HERE
Although I’m sure this won’t end the debate about XMRV and its links to ME/CFS, it would seem that opinion is starting to sway towards the findings that XMRV is not linked to ME/CFS.
Through my experience I would say that there isn’t one single virus that causes ME/CFS. Any lingering virus has the potential to cause it. Onset may be from any number of stressors. I have seen Epstein Barr, Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest Virus, an operation, physical or emotional trauma, physical injury, vaccinations, bacterial infection, pregnancy, exposure to chemicals and even extreme jetlag.
The body seems to go into a heightened state of sympathetic nervous system arousal causing a miriad of symptoms.
The downside of this news is that it still means that we are no closer to finding a biological marker or definate test for ME/CFS. Until this happens sufferers will have to go through the long and frustrating process of getting a diagnosis.
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