Ian Cleary

Celebrating with Sandflies and Crocodiles!

Some people like to celebrate anniversaries with Champaign or eating out at a fancy restaurant. Well my wife has just celebrated her 2 year anniversary of doing the Lightning Process and how do we choose to celebrate……..by trekking for 5 days through the crocodile and sandfly infested jungles on Hinchinbrook Island (Qld).

For those that don’t know the walk, only 40 people are allowed on the Island at any one time and you have to be totally self sufficient, carrying everything you need. It seemed fitting then to celebrate her amazing Lightning Process success by taking on such an adventure. To make it even more of a celebration I carried our son on my back. Trekking with a baby brings extra challenges but the three of us loved it.

We had torrential rain, swarming sandflies and a few nervous moments crossing swollen croc-infested creeks but we loved it.

Having a child (and the energy to look after him) is a dream come true for both of us.

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