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Anxiety and the Lightning Process

February 19, 2014IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on Anxiety and the Lightning Process

Time to bust a myth around anxiety. MYTH – Anxiety is all in the mind If you approach anxiety like it is ‘All in the Mind’ and just about anxious thoughts you miss the fact that it is just as much about a habitual physical response. Anxiety is not just about thoughts. Trying to beat […]

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A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

January 31, 2014IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, UncategorizedComments Off on A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

Sleep is such a normal part of every person’s life. It’s one of those things (like health/digestion/ energy) that you don’t think about it much until it’s not working. Then you really think about it. But when it comes to sleep, HOW you think about it matters. It really matters. Why? Because the brain is […]

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A thought about allergies

  In a lab in Japan, 13 people who are extremely allergic to Poison Ivy, undergo an experiment. They see two leaves in front of them. The familiar, dreaded Poison Ivy leaf and a harmless leaf. One arm will be rubbed with Poison Ivy, the other arm rubbed with the harmless leaf. After being blindfolded […]

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What organ do we use to hear?

A simple enough question right? Well our body is not that simple. We collect information through sound waves through our ears, but what we actually ‘hear’ is determined by our brain – and our brain takes in far more than just sound. It also takes in other sensory information including vision, smell, taste and importantly […]

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Is the Underpants Bomber’s Terror attack responsible for CFS?

March 26, 2013IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and other conditions, Lightning Process, The Stress ResponseComments Off on Is the Underpants Bomber’s Terror attack responsible for CFS?

That’s sure to get your attention. The answer is no BUT ………..for anyone suffering from a condition of heightened sensitivity (CFS, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic pain, PTSD) please read on. The circumstances around this terror attack highlight an important principle. On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian man named Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airline Flight 253 from […]

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Stress and Illness

Chronic Dwelling = Chronic Inflammation A recent study out of the UK showed that when people were asked to think about a negative event the levels of C-reactive protein, which is a marker of tissue inflammation, rose. The levels stayed elevated for an hour but could also be normalized by changing focus. This is an […]

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CFS & Childhood Trauma

A number of recent studies draw links between childhood trauma & CFS. For some this supports the ‘all in the head’ argument about CFS. However when you see CFS in the physical terms of being stuck in an automatic physical stress response then it makes sense that a traumatic unbringing can be is one of […]

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Sick for decades? Read on…

I recently listened to an interview with Dr Edward Taub, who has become a world leader in stroke rehabilitation and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). He features in Norman Doidge’s book – The Brain that Changes Itself. He shows the real life applications of Neural Plasticity with his work training people out of their […]

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Subjective Sensations?

Ahhh. Spring has arrived. The temperature is rising. The days are getting longer. The smell of jasmine is in the air. The sunsets are intense thanks to people burning off ready for summer. The migratory birds from Asia and India have announced their arrival.  Well that’s what it means to me anyway. I am very […]

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Food Intolerance

Last week we looked at how our emotional state impacts directly on our digestion. The link between stress and ulcers is well known. It’s worth looking at the field of neurology and how our understanding of the brain has radically changed over the last 10 years. It was once believed that the brain was unchanging […]

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