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Should I stay or should I go? Where to do your training.

June 28, 2014IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and other conditions, Lightning Process, NeuroplasticityComments Off on Should I stay or should I go? Where to do your training.

People often face a dilemma – to travel to a training to get it done sooner or wait for me to run one close by?

I am often asked my advice on this issue so I thought I would answer this question in a blog post.

For my wife to recover from ME/CFS she had no choice. It was only available in London. So she had to travel – an expensive and exhausting trip!. So part of my drive when I brought the Lightning Process to Australia and NZ was to try to make it as easy as possible for people (who often are low on funds and find travel difficult) to access a training. So I travel – a lot. From South Island New Zealand to South East Asia! But I can’t be every where at once so people also regularly decide to come and see me. I have had people travel from as far away as South Africa & India.

So when people hear about the training they tend to have a dilemma. Wait for me to run a training close to them, or travel to get something sooner.

Personally if I were sick and had seen the sort of results that have become common in my trainings, I would be on the next training possible regardless of the location. Each day that is free of these conditions is replaced by a day of huge potential to live life to the fullest. That is priceless. The costs are soon outweighed by being able to return to work or no longer having ongoing medical or health bills. But there are practical and financial considerations to take into account in travelling to a training.

So that aside, I want to discuss two issues that people may not have thought about.


There are huge advantages in travelling to do a training. You are away from your normal routines and can be totally focused on your health. You don’t have to go home to chores, do any work or any other daily distractions you may have. You are there to focus on your health and it can be your sole priority. This can be really helpful.

As you are in a new environment you are less likely to get into ‘auto-pilot’. When you are trying to make change, auto-pilot is the enemy. The training will teach you to be present, to get out of auto-pilot and focus on what your body and brain are doing in the moment. That’s the only time we can influence and the sweet spot when it comes to self-directed neuro-plasticity. So being away from the normal environment can make the process easier. People can make incredible changes then go back home with successes and therefore confidence.

While this may sound like the ideal option there is a catch. The training teaches people how the brain responds to familiar triggers (familiar people, places, food, activities etc etc etc) The brain is constantly assessing how best to respond to a particular situation and will use past experience as a guide. So you can see how ‘auto-pilot’ can be the enemy.

So while it is great to head off for a break from your normal routine to retrain how your brain and body respond, those triggers will still be ‘waiting’ for you when you get home. Regardless of success you get while away there is still work to do when you move back into your familiar environment. This can be really important work.

Success with the Lightning Process needs to be sustainable in the ‘real’ world.

So the people who travel get to get a break from their ‘every day’ life, can then see enough results to return home with confidence to begin that work.

Those that get to do the training close to home, learn each afternoon and evening how to make the training work in their environment. They are getting that feedback of success each day which also brings an incredible confidence.

So pro’s and cons for both, but my experience has been that if someone is really committed to making the training work, they can make either choice work for them.

Everyone situation is different so if you would like to discuss these issues, then please make contact. If you would like to arrange a training close to you then I will run group trainings where there is sufficient interest.

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