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What is the Lightning Process – In a single word

February 10, 2015IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Lightning ProcessComments Off on What is the Lightning Process – In a single word

I was recently asked to explain the Lightning Process in a single word. What a task!  After 7 years of taking people through the training I still struggle to explain what it is because it is many things. It is a framework in which I work, and one person’s Lightning Process experience will be very different to another person’s.

I could explain that is is looking at how the brain and body interact, and utilising this knowledge show people how they can make changes that previously had seemed difficult or impossible. While that is accurate, it still is not the Lightning Process. I can explain the roots of the Lightning Process borrow from a diverse range of techniques such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching, osteopathy but it is not these things. I could say that it uses concepts such as Neuroplasticity, Gate Control theory of pain, the impact of stress hormones & PsychoNeuroImmunology to retrain a hyper-sensitive nervous system. But this still is lacking. I could explain some of the practical steps that people learn but the Lightning Process is far more than just a few steps. It is as much about the preparation, being ready for change, who I take on and who I do not, as well as what happens in follow up. Some say it is learning to spot and stop when the body is going into a stressed state but if relaxing was enough I would never see a bed bound client or people already practising relaxation techniques or meditation.

The majority of my work comes through word of mouth but those that have done it often find it difficult to fully explain the process. Not that it is a secret or they have been sworn to secrecy. It is just not a simple thing to explain and no two people will have the same journey.

So I simply ask people to read through the website and make contact so we can talk in more depth. Then I can tailor the discussing for what the Lightning Process will be asking of them specifically.

So it was a challenge to try to sum the training up in a single word. But I love a challenge so this is what I have come up with – CONTROL.

The Lightning Process looks to give people back control – over their body, their physical responses, their emotions, their thoughts and behaviours. Taking back control of their life.

There are of course many things we can NOT control.  But after taking a training, people realise they have more influence than they realise.


So that is my word. CONTROL.


Is it time to get your life back in control?

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