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What Choice Do you Have?

August 13, 2021IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Neuroplasticity, Success StoriesComments Off on What Choice Do you Have?

Summing up the Lightning Process

A while back I emailed many of hundreds of graduates who had taken one of my trainings over the last 13 years. I gave them this challenge.

Sum up the Lightning Process in one word.

I knew it was a big ask, as we cover so many things over the 3 days – both practical skills and information.

There was a variety of replies but the winner by a country mile was –


Graduates summed up the Lightning Process with that simple word.

When we are stuck in our health and lives, by definition we’ve run out of choices. We are stuck. It doesn’t matter what we try, we stay stuck. We might try something that works a little or works for a little bit, but before long you find yourself back there – you’re STUCK.

From a brain retraining perspective, the Lightning Process shows people where they DO have CHOICES.

Choices based on understanding how the mind and body interact to influence our health.

By consistently choosing to choose deliberately, we can retrain the brain.

Deliberate Neuroplastic Change. 

From stuckness to ……..? Well that’s the point. It’s a choice what the life you love actually looks like.

Some use the Lightning Process to get their dream job back. Some go on to change their career. Others go on to work and earn for the first time ever. Some go on to love their daily run on the beach, train for a marathon or go on hiking trips. Others simply choose to get to a point where they can easily lift their grandchildren, have the focus and energy to have friends around or simply to have the capacity to be there for others for a change. Often it’s simply having the energy and focus to enjoy their days rather than just getting through them.

Sometimes it’s grand. Sometimes it’s simple. But it’s always special because of the power of choice.

You didn’t get stuck by your choosing, but you can get unstuck by your choosing.

When you are stuck, even more than ever, recognising that you DO have choices is a powerful part of making change.

Neuroplasticity shows us that the brain is incredibly flexible and adaptable. With deliberate and focused effort designed to engage the adaptive power of the brain, people can go from stuck to flourishing.

What choice do I have?

“What choice do I have” is the catchphrase of victimhood AND the catchphrase of someone looking for their first step out of stuckness. Choose wisely how you say that statement.

You could simply start by choosing to be willing to look at your situation differently.

You could choose wisely what you read. You could choose to update your understandings of what brain science tells us about the nature of pain and fatigue or ignore it. You could choose to get offended by talk of the brain or you could choose to get curious or excited.

You could choose to be involved in forums that are negative, all about management or that promote hopelessness – that’s a choice. There are others forums and websites around devoted to telling stories of people who have recovered from conditions such as FIBROMYALGIA, CFS/ME, CRPS, anxiety, depression, PTSD. Not just managing it well – Recovered.

The Norwegian Based Website Recovery has many many wonderful stories of ME/CFS recovery stories to choose from.

My website is filled with success stories. You could choose to find someone like you on that list.

There is a power in every deliberate choice. Choose wisely.

“CHOICES are the hinges of destiny”. Edwin Markham

If you want to know more about the Lightning Process you could download the Lightning Process Audiobook or simply Email me to arrange a chat.  It’s your choice. 🙂


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