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Neuro Nugget Video – Stress, relationships & the Brain

November 23, 2021IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and other conditions, Neuroplasticity, UncategorizedComments Off on Neuro Nugget Video – Stress, relationships & the Brain

This “Neuro Nugget Video” is on Stress Hormones and the Brain and how they are both intimately linked to our relationships and our health.

Flourishing health often requires a re-assessment of relationships (past & present) but there is one relationship that is often forgotten.

What’s your RELATIONSHIP with your symptoms?  Your body? Your thoughts? Your mind?

This important concept is associated with those who make the move from stuck in their health to flourishing.

I really hope this Neuro Nugget helps.


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