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Lightning Process success stories

October 27, 2020IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Lightning Process, UncategorizedComments Off on Lightning Process success stories

“If they can do so can you”

Before taking anyone through a Lightning Process training, each client must first get really clear about their goals. It’s not enough to desperately want to get rid of pain, fatigue, anxiety, trauma etc. There needs to be a reason bigger than what they are leaving behind. Something in their future that will keep them focused to keep going.

Then from Day 1 they go out and start making progress. From DAY ONE.  They put into practice their new knowledge & skills – neither pushing through or avoiding – but progressing.

It’s so inspiring to watch. These people have been through HELL, and having so many past failures, they still boldly take a stand and retrain their brain and body to respond differently – to exercise, light, sleep, movement, people, food etc.

It takes work but that vision of what’s on the other side keeps them going.

Twice a month I witness extraordinary individuals update their understanding of the BRAIN and its role in pain, fatigue, fear – and then knuckle down and do the work.

The work they take on may not seem extraordinary to some – go for a walk, leave the house, eat a slice of pizza, stay out late, ride a bus, socialise at night time with friends after a full  days training!  For many these things seem insurmountable and on Day 1 full health seems a long way off. But out they go each afternoon. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and they keep going.


Inspired by my clients, each year I set myself a task. A goal that terrifies ME and requires work.  I use all the inspiration from past clients to work towards it.

They tend to be endurance events that give extra meaning to my ‘pain and fatigue specialist’ title. As I run through the day (and sometimes night) the hours kick by. At times the hills seem insurmountable, the finish line seems a long long way off.

BUT…… it is the names and stories of past graduates that run through my head. I replay their conversations, their weekly success, their challenges to stay on track, the photos and postcards they send.

I hear myself say “If they can do it then so can you”.

So thank you to all past LP Graduates for your inspiration.

So 2020 task completed. A 100km race through the mountains on a stinker of a day!

To anyone who is going through HELL it’s useful to know that others have been there and have found their way out. Chronic does not mean permanent.

If the obstacles seem insurmountable and vibrant health seems impossible it might be time to look at things from a fresh perspective. What role does our brain, our most trainable and adaptable organ,  play in physical health.

Below is a link to some people’s success stories. If they can do it – can you? People like you, who were told there is no cure, who had tried everything, who were sceptical and unsure, but threw themselves into the training, are now getting on with their lives.

You can read some of their stories HERE.


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