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This is a letter from Claire, a lovely lady I saw in Auckland. The letter was written to the New Zealand ME Society and featured in their monthly newsletter. You can read more of her Lightning Process success here.

Well done Claire. What a remarkable change. Enjoy!

The Editors,

ANZMES Journal.
I was interested to read your article about the Lightning Process in the latest journal.
Four months ago I was in bed with CFS and had been there for some months previously. I had been affected by CFS for 16 years and had got to the stage where the bouts of debilitation had become more frequent, and the periods of respite were shorter and did not lift me into good health, just not as bad. A typical day would be that I would not get up till late morning, then spend the day indoors playing on the computer, watching TV, and generally whiling away the time till I could go to bed and wake up exhausted again in the morning. My diet was severely restricted [no dairy, no gluten, no sugar], my social life was nil, and I was completely unable to plan for the future. Life was pretty bleak.
Then a friend mentioned that he had met someone who had done the Lightning Process, and after several years of CFS, had been well for three years.
I went to the website, found a practitioner who took courses in NZ, and six weeks ago I attended a three day course.
Now my typical day is that I get up in the morning, have breakfast, walk my dogs for anything from ¾ hour to 3 hours. I come home and work on our property – weedeating, lawnmowing, planting etc, or I meet friends for coffee and cake [yes, cake! My dietary restrictions are a thing of the past.] I am attending pilates classes every week, I am a volunteer one day a week at Riding for the Disabled, I am looking for a job. In other words, I now have a life.
I am happy to continue to provide updates if you are skeptical about my story. I am also happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more about it.
I hope you will keep your minds open about this.
**You can also read my response to an article critical of the Lightning Process that I wrote for the ME Society’s (ANZMES) Newsletter.

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