Ian Cleary
Thank you Lightning Process. Thank you Ian. I have my life back.
It is now more than nine months since I completed the course, and life continues to be wonderful. Not only am I well and enjoying a full and fulfilling life, but I have grown in confidence that this is how it will go on.
Since I wrote the letter, I have taken part in the organisation and running of a major event – the first NZ Natural Horsemanship Games which is something I could not have contemplated before doing the Lightning Process. It was prolonged pressure, high stress and demanded high energy on the day. And I sailed through it! Loved it.
I now make plans and follow them through. I’ve been tramping and away on holidays. I accept invitations with confidence, knowing I’ll be able to go. I’ll start work in a couple of months and in the meantime I am painting the house. All my days are fun.
Since I did the course, three of my friends have also done it, and they have enjoyed similar success.
There have been times when I have felt myself slipping back but the Lightning Process has always pulled me back out of it. There have even been time when I have woken with full blown symptoms but applying the process has always worked, and each time my confidence has grown. I have now lost the fear that this terrible and debilitating illness may return. I know that I can stop it.
Thank you Lightning Process. Thank you Ian. I have my life back.

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