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Life after ME. Richards Inspirational Story

I had M.E for 15 years before the Lightning Process set me free from its clutches through trainer Ian Cleary.

For 13 years I was totally bedridden with my biggest problem being that I relapsed at the drop of a hat and what was worse I would never recover the ground I would loose. In effect I was trapped in a vicious circle, a spiral downwards that seemed to have no bottom. I had to spend 80 to 90% of my day lying prone unable to talk, read, watch TV. Or do any physical activity apart from turning (sometimes not even that) because it had such a bad effect on me or could even trigger a relapse. This left a very small window of time in which I could do the basics and be a little bit human. I was a prisoner in a malfunctioning body and M.E. had me by the throat. Then I heard about the Lightning Process and was naturally really skeptical with all the bogus treatments that claim to cure M.E. and don’t. It sounded far too good to be true. So I slowly researched on the net looking in particular for independent accounts of people who had done the L.P. and been cured by it. The success stories on the L.P website were encouraging but I naturally was suspicious they were only putting the cream of the crop in.

Eventually I was cautiously satisfied that there was something to it and contacted trainer Ian Cleary. Ian was great. He patiently answered all my remaining doubt-filled and suspicious questions (which were many) until he and I came to a point where we both felt I was ready to undertake the training.

At that point I decided there was no doing this thing by halves and from the moment I started the training I went hard. The results were staggering. Too good to be true and I kept expecting for it all to collapse on me. With the effort that I put into applying the Lightning Process in those first few days I was very expectant that my body would relapse. It never happened. Whatever M.E is, the Lightning Process jolted me out of it and very quickly set things right in my body and brain. And as far as I can tell, that is exactly what it does for most sufferers that are willing to give it a go.

Since then I’ve started living a more and more normal healthy life. I recently flew down to Wellington and brought a car and then drove it back-400 miles – no problems at all. I’m doing weights, studying and socializing. There are no limits apart from a few medical problems that have nothing to do with M.E.

I would encourage, if not implore, anyone with M.E to do the Lightning Process. The problem with M.E has always been that researchers have never had a total understanding of what’s going on. Maybe Phil Parker has stumbled upon what that is. It certainly worked for me. It’s been 8 months since I did the L.P. and I’m still going strong (strong being the operative word). Sometimes I can’t quite believe it but the world is my oyster, I’ve got my life back and I just want everyone with ME to do the L.P. and get their life back also.

Richard Cranch
(New Zealand)

**You can read Richard’s Mother’s account of his ME recovery here.

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