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“Richard has now got a life worth living again.”


(Read Richard’s own account of his dramatic CFS recovery)

Our son was a fit, happy, young man of 23 years when the devastating effects of CFS cut him down, following a bout of flu. He went from needing lots of rest to eventually being bed bound, needing full care for about 13 long years. It was so demoralising for him. Many times he felt a little more able and would very gradually try and build up activities, only to be felled by yet another relapse. He felt it was hopeless as this cycle went on year after year, despite trying many, usually expensive ways, to build him up.


So it was, with some scepticism that we agreed to read Phil Parker’s book about the Lightning Process, which we borrowed from a former CFS sufferer who had attended the LP course and had been totally transformed back to her former lively self. I read the book on Richard’s behalf. There was no way he could read it all.  I was struck by two things particularly. It made sense and I could see some links between our situation and the descriptions in the book. For instance Richard was totally ‘stuck’. If he gently pushed out he inevitably relapsed but if he lay in bed he had a non-life.

Secondly, the chapter on ME was so amazing; I had to quell the hope surging up in me. Could it possibly be that simple? Hadn’t we got expectant with other therapies/medications etc only to be disappointed? We got in touch with the lady who had gone through the LP course. She was so enthusiastic about it and talked about others on her course who had fantastic results also. Talking to her directly was pivotal, as a personal testimony is so different to reading a book or looking at things on a website. We did our Internet research and made enquires to Ian Cleary about applying.


First up, Ian was so helpful, not pushy. He explained that Richard needed to read the book as part of his preparation, and that there was an assessment, by him, as to Richard’s readiness. He encouraged Richard to email him with any questions and doubts. Best of all he offered to train Richard at his bedside if necessary – what a relief!

Ian was so encouraging all through the next 3-4 months as Richard slowly, paragraph by paragraph read the book and asked all the difficult questions by email. Ian replied clearly, fully and always made Richard feel it was OK to ask more. ‘Keep the questions coming” he would say. Eventually Richard did his phone assessment with Ian, spread out over 3 phone calls and was accepted. As the beginning of the training drew close I kept wondering how Richard could possibly manage to concentrate for an hour, let alone3 or 4 hours of that first day, because he could only talk a few sentences before feeling tired.

I had my Christian friends and relatives praying for strength to do the course and a break through for Richard, and I realised that Richard had made a quantum leap of faith in deciding to do the course and that he had decided to put his every fibre into it, knowing that anything less was holding back, an act of uncertainty against the way Ian had prepared him.


The first morning Ian arrived relaxed and got straight to work with Richard. Doors were shut and I did the ironing to stop the nail biting! Every 50 minutes he’d pop out to have a break and praise Richard’s courage. Unbelievably he was with Richard for over 4 hours and still Richard was coping. I was allowed in and Richard proudly showed me the little white board with the basis of the LP written up. The rest of the day Richard was constantly doing the LP from bed, talking animatedly and gesticulating. He ate his meals absentmindedly as he kept up his process, until sleep overtook. Day 2 & 3 were just as long and Richard was into it. He had a weapon, a tool, a technique now to counter every symptom, every fear, every negative thought – he had something to do instead of lying there in stuckness, frustrated, angry, feeling hopeless. Instead he was proud, fierce and had hope.


Ian’s constant encouragement and positive feedback continued after he left with emails flying back and forth. But in the end it was Richard who had to leave the safety of his bed, his room and step out and it worked. It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Some occasions he felt the technique wasn’t working on a particular issue and so he would spend hours and hours persevering or just re-evaluating his technique and eventually breaking through. It was a roller coaster ride for his family at times, with great success followed by a hiatus, but always moving forward finally, which was a wonder.

A week later Richard was able to walk out of his room (using a walker). A month later he was able to go out in the car to a nearby beach for the first time in 13 years. After 6 weeks he managed, with help, to have a swim in the sea. Now after 3 months he is still stiff and has some hip and back problems, but he is driving a car, sorted out his internet banking, been to get his eyes checked and got glasses, goes out for drives and walks independently and is celebrating his new life with friends and family reunions.

Thanks to the LP course, and the way in which Ian handled the preparation, the actual 3-day seminar and the follow up, Richard has now got a life worth living again.


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