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Neuro Nugget Video – Stress, relationships & the Brain

November 23, 2021IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and other conditions, Neuroplasticity, UncategorizedComments Off on Neuro Nugget Video – Stress, relationships & the Brain

This “Neuro Nugget Video” is on Stress Hormones and the Brain and how they are both intimately linked to our relationships and our health. Flourishing health often requires a re-assessment of relationships (past & present) but there is one relationship that is often forgotten. What’s your RELATIONSHIP with your symptoms?  Your body? Your thoughts? Your […]

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Talking all things Pain & Fatigue

I sat down with Adam Stanecki for his Digging Deep Podcast recently and chatting all things pain, fatigue and fear. New directions in Pain research Understanding Pain & Fatigue & Anxiety Some great first steps & obstacles to change Enjoy.  

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Is Fatigue a lack of Energy?

​ There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge the body’s batteries – except that’s not how it works. Some people think that going to sleep is like plugging in your phone to the charger at night. Give it 8 hours and you wake with full batteries and you’re good to go all day. If you […]

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Fire & Your Brain

FIRE & your BRAIN As fire season starts I’m reminded of my work on fire crews when I was younger. Little did I know that my work testing moisture in leaf litter or plugging in wind speeds would give profound insight into the brain and pain & fatigue. Question? Who is better protected from catastrophe – a […]

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Lightning Process Research

Lightning Process Research Below is a recently published paper which reviews current research into the Lightning Process. Systematic review of the Lightning Process finds an ’emerging body of evidence supporting the efficacy of the LP for many participants with fatigue, physical function, pain, anxiety and depression.’ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1550830720302330 Abstract Background: The Lightning Process (LP), a mind-body […]

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If your brain can change – so can YOU!

#This is my fifth email in a Lightning Process info series. If you would like to receive all emails in the series, subscribe to newsletter in the side box.   Your last email in this Lightning Process Info Series focused on NEUROPLASTICITY – the brain’s ability to alter its structure and function through repeated experience. If you […]

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It’s not me. It’s you.

#This is my third email in a Lightning Process info series. If you would like to receive all emails in the series, subscribe to newsletter in the side box.   I hope my previous email got you curious. It might have challenged you, stretched you and maybe even got you excited. Regardless, well done for […]

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Physical or Psychological?

Is it physical or psychological – that is the question! Well actually – It’s NOT the question. It hasn’t been for a while thanks to how we have moved on from our understanding of health. The division between conditions being physical (in the body) and real OR psychological (and somehow less real), never actually explained the human […]

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Avoid or push through? Or….

Many people I work with are stuck with two choices. Avoid the things that trigger them (exercise, movement, food, light, touch, chemicals, people, noise etc) or push through and suffer the payback. The Lightning Process offers a third alternative – retrain your brain and body to respond differently to the triggers. This approach also moves […]

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Not Broken…Just Stuck

Here’s a radical thought.  What if the way you are thinking about your condition became an obstacle for full recovery. Would you be willing to begin to think about your condition differently? __________________ What would it be like to begin to think about yourself as just stuck rather than broken. What would it be like to […]

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