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Long Covid & the Lightning Process

August 30, 2023IanUncategorizedComments Off on Long Covid & the Lightning Process

The Journal Explore published a Case Study of 2 people with Long Covid taking a Lightning Process training. Both reported improvements in fatigue and a range of physical ad emotional symptoms post-treatment and at 3 months.

These initial case reports suggest further research would be beneficial.

MS & the Lightning Process

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It’s a very difficult position to hold that the mind & body do NOT influence each other. 
As soon as someone updates their world view, then new (non-drug) treatment options arise. 
Here’s a review of 22 papers on Multiple Sclerosis.

Conclusion “Findings from the review suggest a positive relationship between psychological interventions and physiological Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.
The most highly influenced physical symptoms include fatigue, sleep disturbances, pain, and physical vitality.”

Below is a write up in the MS Resource Centre UK Newsletter about the Lightning Process.

Triggered not caused

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The question ‘is it real?’ is based on such a silly outdated view. 

Of course it’s real!

A more useful question might be
‘Is it an appropriate response?’. 

If not, we can shift our focus to retraining the brain to start responding appropriately. 

What does recovery FEEL like?

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This success video is one of my all time favourites. 

It’s powerful to know that someone, who has gone through what you’re going through, is out the other side and flourishing. 

But this isn’t a success story – it’s EIGHT!

And you can actually WATCH it in action! 

Last Sunday a squad of Lightning Process graduates, celebrated health by signing up for the RunMelbourne event. All had used the Lightning Process to overcome chronic pain or fatigue conditions.

It was an honour to join them.

We signed up, we trained for months, we had fun and we even made page 3 of the Melbourne Age! (Watch to the end)

Some ran 5km. Some ran 10km. 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

Some had never run that far in their life!

So here’s a success story AND an invitation. 

Join us. 

This will become an annual event.

(If runnings not your thing – fine. Set your own inspiring goal & use that as your fuel to turn your life around.)


Lightning Process Success Run Melbourne

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Does Lightning Process success Last?

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My all time favourite Lightning Process success story. You’ll see why.

Lightning Process Fun Run

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I love getting updates from Lightning Process graduates on their successes after taking a training. This success story is a little different. I was THERE & joined them as as a group of 9 Lightning Process Graduates took part in the Christchurch City2Surf.

Watch Jack’s Video on how he recovered from CFS

October 31, 2022IanUncategorizedComments Off on Watch Jack’s Video on how he recovered from CFS

Jack gives a great account of his journey with CFS. Such an inspiring and well told story.

Well done Jack!

Lightning Process & Dancing

September 17, 2022IanUncategorizedComments Off on Lightning Process & Dancing

My dancing skills are infamously bad!🕺🏻

At school dances, the teaches would look at me dance and assume I MUST be drunk. I was so bad that I was often called aside to be breathalysed! 

Then during my University drinking days I had an interesting experience. As designated driver one evening I jumped up on the dance floor to cut loose. Seeing my lack of co-ordination & bold unconventional moves, a good friend grabbed my car keys – refusing to let me drive. 

“There’s no way I’m going to let you drive in THAT condition.” 

As annoying as the experience was I could see he was being a good friend. He had my back. 

Thanks friend. But I’m good. 👍

He wasn’t doing it TO me. He was doing it FOR me. 

Years on I think about that in my work with emotions. 


Do you believe emotions are happening TO you or FOR you? 

Is fear, for example, happening to you or for you? 
From a neuroscience perspective it’s happening FOR you and seeing anxiety in this light can be a useful perspective for making change.

The brain triggers a fear response to protect us. To keep us safe. To keep us alive.

Why then would we call fear a ‘negative’ emotion? 

It’s happening FOR us. 

Through life experiences we learn WHEN to trigger it and like my old friend some times it gets it wrong.

So it may be inappropriate but NEVER negative.

Calling emotions ‘negative’ makes our valuable allies for survival, our enemy. 

They are our protective friends. 

So the question to ask is simply …  
Is it appropriate for this moment or not? 

If we are responding inappropriately for this moment with the combination of knowledge & skills, we can access the extraordinary flexibility of the brain to change. 

“Thank you brain!”

“It’s all good.”

“I’ll take it from here.”

No battle and this awareness makes change SO much easier. 

It brings understanding & self-compassion. 


What about other experiences?

✅ Do you believe pain is happening to us or for us? 

✅ Do you believe fatigue is happening to us or for us? 

✅ Do you believe stress is happening to us or for us? 

By understanding these responses as neurologically protective, we can shift from labelling these things as positive or negative, good or bad, real or not. 

We can simply ask –

“Is it appropriate to this moment?”

If we are responding inappropriately for the moment we can learn to access the extraordinary power of the brain to change. 

No battle and this awareness makes change so much easier.

It brings understanding & self-compassion. 

Suffering from Chronic Pain, Fatigue or Stress?

Is it time to stop fighting?

Are you ready for understanding, self-compassion & the skills to make changes?

While I can NOT help you become a better dancer I CAN help you in even more important ways.

Interested? Curious? Ready?

Simply click here & we can arrange a time to chat. 

Warm regards

Ian (Travolta) Cleary 🕺🏻

Stop the waiting Game

June 13, 2022IanUncategorizedComments Off on Stop the waiting Game

Here is a lovely story from a recent Lightning Process graduate ZOE. She was fortunate that she knew someone who had taken the Lightning Process so decided not to play the waiting game with her Post-Covid Fatigue / Long Covid.

I meet people who wait years after getting a virus for the fatigue to go. Waiting. Resting. Giving it time.

So while some continue to “rest & give it time”  Zoe is celebrating and hiking in the Grampians. 

Time to stop the ‘Waiting Game’
People who recover get sick of the waiting game. They realise that “more rest and more time” is getting them nowhere. They realise no-one is going to fix them. There is no drug, no medical breakthrough just around the corner, no magic pill or supplement. There is no biomarker or test that will explain it all. 

At some point on people’s road to recovery it clicks. Or should I say – their road to recovery starts when it clicks. 

As the saying goes “If it’s going to be – it’s up to me”.

It can take a while to get to that point. It’s tempting to wait. Talk of new breakthroughs is alluring. Maybe run a few more tests just in case. Articles about a new virus, DNA mutations, a drug being researched is enticing. 

So some wait. 

But the reality is that there are already things that work. They just take work. 

The thing that recovery stories have in common is they took deliberate action. 

It is the patient-driven active approaches to change that are associated with better long-term outcomes. 

The Lightning Process takes work but shows that with KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & SUPPORT, change is possible and can be easier & faster than you might expect.

Sometimes the road to recovery is just waiting on a decision. The decision to stop waiting.

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