Ian Cleary

It is important that you read the website thoroughly before making contact.

I do not accept everyone who applies to take the training. Remember, the Lightning Process is not a pill that you take and wait for results, nor is it a treatment that puts your recovery in the hands of somebody else.

It is a training that teaches you the skills to radically influence your health and well-being. My experience shows that if people apply the lessons of the Lightning Process to their lives they can start to change old ways of doing things, which in turn positively influences their lives.

Recovery will be in your hands. You will have to apply yourself, perhaps more than you have done before. For those that do, the results can be extraordinary.

If you liken it to learning a foreign language – What role does the student play in their success with being fluent? Equally the Lightning Process trainee plays an integral role in the success of the Lighting Process training.

It is vital then that the participant is ready to take part and make the necessary changes. The work can be challenging and without a full commitment to doing the work the participant will not get success that they desire. I therefore think it is fair to assess each person to ensure they are ready for the Lightning Process training. If I don’t think it is the right training for you or that you are not ready for the required work at this stage, I will tell you. I don’t think it is fair to accept people onto the training otherwise.

Free Phone Consultation

After reading the website, if you would like to have a more in depth understanding of the Lightning Process email me to arrange a free phone consultation. I will talk about how the Lightning Process works and answer any questions you have. This is not part of the application process, rather a way to ensure you have enough information to make the best decision.

Reading the Introduction to the Lightning Process Book

This book is not only a great way to find out more about the Lightning Process but it helps prepare you to get the most out of the training. It is available as a audio book (or Kindle)  via the London Lightning Process Office or email me to buy the book version.

Are you ready to take the training?

Our experience suggests you should only take the training if you agree to these statements:

  • I understand that the Lightning Process is a training program.
  • I recognise that the mind and body can powerfully influence each other.
  • The process or trainer will not FIX you. We will however teach you the strategies, which others have used to make massive changes in their health.
  • I understand that learning the Lightning Process does not guarantee me any results. (This is because it’s a training program. We will train you in the same way as everybody else who’s found this approach the key to moving their lives on. But we can’t predict whether you will apply the training to your life or not.)
  • I accept full responsibility for the effects of applying or not applying this training program to my life.
  • I am ready to make massive changes in my life.

If you feel doubtful, cynical or just want to give it a go to see what happens, then now is probably not the right time for you.

I feel ready to take the training. What do I do now?

If you have read all the available information and are interested in applying, simply email for an application form, stating which training location you are interested in. If there is not a training close to you please discuss this with me. Under certain circumstances I run one on one trainings, or International trainings outside Australia and New Zealand.

After processing the written application form, I will email you to arrange a further phone call. Please note that there may be a delay in responding as I personally process each application.

If you think the Lightning Process approach makes sense then I look forward to hearing from you.

Email today for an application form.

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