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If your brain can change – so can YOU!

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Your last email in this Lightning Process Info Series focused on NEUROPLASTICITY – the brain’s ability to alter its structure and function through repeated experience. If you missed it you can catch-up HERE.

It can be summed up with a quote from Aristotle – ‘We are what we repeatedly do’. Repeated experience, even imagined experience or thought, creates changes in our brain structure and function. Those changes then create a default mode.

This is profound and opens up new options for understanding and treating very common conditions. There is a shift for example to now see changes in brain biochemistry and brain structures associated with depression and anxiety as a consequence rather than a cause.

The implications of Neuroplasticity is that your brain changes with what EVER you DO, THINK or FEEL. Your experience, both mental and physical, changes your brain.  It also means the ECHOS of your past are found in the structure of your brain AND body. Importantly for health it means a single trauma or ongoing stressors can create hugely influencial changes in our brain and nervous system. Thoughts, feelings, behaviours, even biological responses become automatic and unconscious. Our default mode is set – but not necessarily for ever.

LUCKILY the capacity for the brain to change stays with us until the day we die. We are not at the mercy of our brain or our past.

It might take some focused & deliberate effort and a basic understanding of neuroscience but this is part of the breakthrough of neuroplasticity.

The brain is so integral to our health – influencing immune function, digestion, sleep, endocrine and hormone activity, behaviour, feelings, stress, thoughts and perception. Our entire conscious experience and personality is being generated through our brain.

AND if your brain can change – so can YOU. 

However understanding is key. As the last email highlighted, good ‘management techniques’ also changes the brain but not towards recovery – merely towards the default of ‘good management’.

Of course, influencing the structure and function of the brain towards recovery requires more than positive thinking or crossed fingers.

There are more practical and targeted things that you can do to influence your brain, your body, your health and your life.


With a NEUROPLASTIC framework and understanding of how the brain and body influence each other, we can shift the focus from management to recovery.

With a neuroplastic perspective, we can move away from the outdated question “Is it physical or psychological?”

With a neuroplastic perspective, we can see the possible consequences of the management models of pacing, pushing through or avoidance.

With a neuroplastic perspective, we can move away from the old maps of understanding that sees chronic as permanent.

With a neuroplastic perspective we can see through some illogical and dis-empowering concepts around damage, chemical imbalance, disease or ‘all in your head’ – and instead focus on empowering people to make real changes in their lives.


  • Are you ready to think differently about your situation?
  • Are you ready to see stuckness NOT brokenness.
  • Are you ready to see the work ahead as training rather than healing?
  • Are you ready to change AND be the driver of that change?

That’s a lot of questions….. and you might have some more for me.

A great place for answers is to download the Lightning Process Audiobook. It will guide you through the concepts behind the training, help you decide if the approach makes sense to your situation and if you feel ready to apply.
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