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It’s not me. It’s you.

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I hope my previous email got you curious.

It might have challenged you, stretched you and maybe even got you excited. Regardless, well done for sticking around. (Not everyone did 😀).

Given that you’ve decided to stick around I guess I should tell you who I am.

If you want all the juicy and romantic back-story you can read my wife’s story.HERE. As you will see my connection with chronic illness is very personal.

My wife’s journey through ill health, felt like battling the medical field with many, many years of testing to finally getting an expert diagnosis.  What at first was relief at a label was soon followed by despair …….. “There’s nothing you can do but learn to live with it”. Argh! The dreaded path of pacing, management and acceptance.

She took a different path – to learn to retrain her brain & nervous system.

Her full recovery inspired me to move the family to London to study, then bring the Lightning Process to Australia & NZ.

At the time I was a trained Hypnotherapist so I knew how powerful the brain was in influencing our lives.  I had seen success with pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. But it wasn’t consistent and I didn’t fully understand why. I was also getting a little uncomfortable with the hypnotherapy model.

It’s very enticing to sit there and do nothing, just relax and breath, while someone ELSE fixes your problems.

They would hopefully make enough change in a single session that would have a snowball effect. Some times it did and sometimes it didn’t.

A definition of hypnosis is “focused attention that allows enhanced control over the mind and body.”

However who is better armed with that enhanced control? The practitioner or the client? 

It made more sense to teach people skills to use the power of the brain themselves.

And what if these skills were given with a grounding in neuroscience including an understanding of what pain and fatigue actually are. What if people understood not just the impact of stress physiology but how to influence it.

What if the client, armed with up-to-date knowledge and skills, became the practitioner?

While the LP isn’t just using the tools of hypnotherapy it does shift the control from practitioner to client.

One of the things associated with people staying STUCK in health conditions, is a reliance on something outside themselves for change – a powerful person, a powerful drug or device.

So after my wife’s experience with the Lightning Process, I felt it a far more powerful and sustainable way to help people. Have them understand the issue from a brain perspective, to see the connection between their multiple issues and teach them the tools to make the changes themselves. My job was to become redundant.

My firm belief is the ‘powerful person’ you need is YOU.

It’s not me, them or it. It’s YOU.

So that’s a little about my journey.

I’ve seen hundreds of people, many who were told they just had to learn to live with ‘it’, get better.

I have been specializing in Chronic Pain and Fatigue now for 12 years. I have stayed up-to-date with the emerging field of mind/body medicine, have attended (and spoken) at regular conferences, and I can confidently say that the LP has stood the test of time and the concepts are actually no longer that controversial.

You can watch me discuss pain at the UCOL public lecture series in NZ. HERE

Are you ready to be one of those people who turns their life around, armed with up-to-date knowledge and a willingness to take active control of your health.

You do need to be ready to think differently AND you need to be ready to do the work.

But when you have an up-to-date “map”, finding your way through life is much easier.

A new world of change is open to those who are ready. Not in some hippy woo-woo power of attraction sense, but by following some core concepts.

With a mind/body and brain perspective you can see that we are highly adaptable and not at the mercy of our past.

My next email will introduce you to the term neuroplasticity – a revolution in how we view the human brain.

If you can’t wait, you can watch Norman Doidge, the Father of Neuroplasticity  discuss the concept HERE.

Or if you are ready for a deep dive into the training itself here is the LP audiobook that explains the core concepts and helps people decide if they are ready to think differently and do the work required.

(Or just email me and we can chat).

Why NEUROPLASTICITY is the game changer you were waiting for.


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