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I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue/long covid after contracting the virus 6 months ago.

I wasn’t able to work due to debilitating fatigue and vertigo (along with a swathe of other symptoms) and could barely walk to the end of my street without crashing and being in bed for weeks after.

There was zero medical support and it was honestly terrifying as previous to contracting Covid I was very fit, healthy and high spirited. I had every medical test under the sun and the verdict was nothing could be done and all I could do was rest.

It was very hard on my family and partner, and my mental health suffered as a result of my condition. I felt like I had lost my identity and my life as I knew it.

I had heard about the Lightning Process through my boss, who had worked with Ian 15 years ago and rapidly recovered from a lifetime of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I wasn’t sure if I was eligible, if LP treated long covid, and was concerned I hadn’t been ill for long enough, but I emailed Ian late one evening and am so glad I did.

I was nervous before starting the program and had my reservations, but it was fascinating, and actually kind of fun! Ian was warm, funny, direct and sensitive, all the while supporting us to have confidence in ourselves to do the Lightning Process on our own. After the third day, although I didn’t yet feel physically different I finally felt like I understood the program, and the following day I worked an 8 hour day and went out dancing afterwards!

I was honestly shocked at the immediate result as I hadn’t been able to work for even three hours without having to lie down from shortness of breath and exhaustion in 6 months. I was watching the clock at work and waiting to crash, but I kept doing the Lightning Process and I was full of energy the entire day!

I’m now back at work full time, doing exercise, going out with friends and brimming with joy.

An expected result of doing the Lightning Process has also been a massive change in the way I function in my relationships, it has taught me to remove guilt, obligation, fear and over responsibility from my relationships, an issue I have struggled with all my life.

I would recommend (and have recommended!) the Lightning Process to anyone and everyone, especially those suffering from chronic pain and fatigue. Best thing I’ve ever done!


Hiking in the Grampians after Zoe’s Lightning Process training

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