Ian Cleary

Hello Ian,

4 months on and I would like to share a small post of inspiration for anyone considering doing the LP!

After a good 10 years of living with a constant desire to achieve, an uncomfortable relationship with food, an addiction to exercise and working extremely hard, a series of unfortunate events lead me down the path of Chronic Fatigue.  It was an incredibly Acute onset and I was whisked into hospital with a range of bizzare and awful symptoms. 

Like most people out there living with Chronic Fatigue, I tried literally everything; GP, antidepressants (despite not being depressed), Immunologist treatments, a month long hospital admission for investigation and monitoring, Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Integrative GP’s, University Fatigue Clinic Program (12 Wks), MORA therapy, Naturopath, Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy, extensive supplement regime, off label use of Pharmaceuticals… Just to name a few!

… The LAST thing I did was enrol in the LIGHTNING PROCESS with Ian Cleary. 

This was the LAST thing I did to improve my situation.  This is when my recovery began…

Before The LP was suffering and stuck.  I lived stuck in a great deal of turmoil for a whole 2 years.  The LP gave me the skills to take control of my body and life.  That was 4 months ago now, my life has changed SUBSTANTIALLY since.  I am able to live, recovering more every day, and enjoying life. 

I recently rode my horse 20 km in one day, I take walks daily, doing all the normal mundane things that I previously could not…(I could not even get into my car and drive to a supermarket… I can definitely do that, plus a bunch of other things in one day…oh, and I actually go into the supermarket and get all the things on the list!?).  Additionally I am starting to plan things, including a gradual return to work.

When I was terrified of what my future might look like, the LP gave me my life back (an even better version) and it will do that for you too.

Thank you Ian,

Verity 🙂 

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