Ian Cleary
So one year on, what’s changed? Well lots!
A year ago I was duing stuck.  I had everything I wanted, a fabulous relationship, a good job working 4 days a week (3 day weekends whoop whoop), great friendships, a nice home. Yet each morning I woke up with a deep nothingness and went through the day like a zombie. Life seemed like one big blah.
I knew a couple of people who’d done LP and their physical issues had almost gone overnight. I questioned if the LP would work for someone like me who just seemed to duing stuck. After a couple of conversations with Ian I saw that it would.
The 3 day course was profound, I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable many times but I was determined to do what needed to be done. I wanted a life that I could love.
Learning and using the tool was great. I had to do it many, many, many times to feel relaxed and calm. It got easier over time (like learning any new skill) and as my life improved I didn’t need to do it so much.
So one year on, what’s changed? Well lots!
If you told me a year ago I’d been a regular runner, who has an e-bike, swims in the sea every Sunday morning with a swim group (yes even winter) and currently in the process of creating my own business, well I’d be LOL.
None of those things were part of my life, not even on the radar!
LP  was my step up and since then many other steps have been added. Every step opens a new discovery and a positive realisation. It’s so damn exciting!
I wake up in the morning feeling good, my head is full of happy words, I am so passionate about things and I am able to quickly bring myself to a calm satisfied state via the LP tool (Almost as fast as a finger snap!).
I am living a big, fun, confident, passionate life that I love!!

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