Ian Cleary

I did the Lightning Process because I had an intolerance to cane sugar, which made me extremely nauseous. This affected me socially as well due to so many food restrictions associated to cane sugar.

I left the Lightning Process course without a sugar intolerance! But that was just the beginning. I used the skills I learnt to help in areas of my life I didn’t realise were possible! I used to get so tired every afternoon that I could barely keep my eyes open, I now have energy all through every day!

I used to lie awake in bed every night unable to sleep for hours upon hours, I now sleep the whole night straight through!

I used to struggle to run for 5 mins and even then would vomit after this small amount of exercise, I am now training to do a 10km run and have already run for 8km, without any physical symptoms.

I am now a much better parent! So many things!  The list keeps going for me.

Psychology helped me to identify things, but it didn’t give me solutions. The Lightning Process gave me solutions. My life is very different now, in such a great way. I’m so grateful that God placed The Lightning Process in my life, it has helped me to live the life that I was created to live.


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