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Hi my name is Shareen. I did The Lightning Process training online at the end of May 2020. Since then my life has changed immensely it was the best thing I have ever done.

Before The Lightning Process training my life had become so incredibly small. In the middle of July 2017 I physically and mentally crashed at work. I was diagnosed wirh having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Major Depressive Disorder. At that stage I was unable to go out to work anymore and was working from home on my laptop and phone in my bed. By November 2017 I couldn’t work at all.

Despite seeing so many medical professionals for both the physical and the mental issues, including a number of Chronic Fatigue Specialists, a number of Psychiatrists, a Psychologist, Exercise Physiologist, Holistic Naturopaths for over two years, I wasn’t getting well at all and was actually getting worse. I had previously been a very active outgoing social person both work wise and socially, to living my life confined to my home and bed. I had even become too scared to leave the house and was severely depressed. What made it more difficult for me was that no one could tell me why I wasn’t getting any better despite my total commitment to all the various therapies I was doing. I had practically given up on life. I didn’t know who I had become.

A friend of mine told me about The Lightning Process and encouraged me to do it. She had done the training about 6 years ago with Ian and her life had turned around. Before that she had Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for twenty years and her life was also very small. The person I see now is a very active happy person and a successful artist. No where near the person she told me she once was.

I was hopeful that there was something else out there that may bring me to a place where I could have a normal life again. I thought I had tried everything to no avail. I knew I was never going to give up trying but I honestly didn’t know where else to turn???  I thought to myself I have nothing left to lose by doing The Lightning Peocess, and if someone else’s life could turn around then mine could too!! I was never interested in statistics as I am an individual not a statistic. If I listened to statistics of the recovery rate of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I wouldn’t be where I am today.  If I could see hope in just one other person then that was enough for me.

So I did it… Due to Covid 19 lockdown restrictions my training needed to be online. And it was fantastic!! I didn’t need to travel anywhere to get there and could do the training on my couch in my living room, which was a blessing back then as  just  a simple shower would knock me out for the whole day. There were 2 others plus myself plus Ian and it was great because we could really interact with each other. I didn’t find it difficult at all to learn what I neeeded to doing the training online. Ian was great!

As I mentioned prior to doing The Lightning Process training I was practically bedridden all day with no energy at all, very depressed, too scared to even contemplate leaving the house and being around people. At the end of the the third day of training I got into my car and drove to the nursing home to visit my parents. What a difference! The next day I went for a long walk at a local reserve. Within a week I drove to a big Westfield shopping centre and walked around for hours  with people everywhere enjoying myself. I couldn’t believe the change.

Since then my bed gets made in the morning and I don’t get into it until night time. I’m walking 2 km a day, busy around the house, I’m driving long distances again with confidence, I’ve attended social events. I am confident, I am happy, I have energy. My friends and family are amazed at the change as they have seen me unwell for so long. My practioners are amazed at the change in me and are so happy for me. One even said to me
“ myself and any Practioner who deals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would see what you have accomplished as a miracle”

I live in Melbourne currently in a stage 4 lockdown for some time now. I had just started going out and about again living life when we went into this recent  lockdown. But I am so excited about the things I know I will be able to do, and places I will be able to go to with confidence when the restrictions ease. At one stage all this had become merely a dream that I didn’t envisage happening again to me. I am not the same person I was before, but rather a better version of me, I am the me I was meant to be. And there is still so much more to come, so many more opportunities I can grab with open arms. It’s exciting just thinking about it. Bring it on Melbourne I’m going to be out there with everyone else!

Thank you so much Ian and The Lightning Process……

Sept 2020

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