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My Success Story – Libby Cuskelly

Living with CFS often seems like a life sentence to those who have it and those who support them. Plans for the future are put on hold as you start to manage life day to day; often believing that this is all there is for you now. Anyone who has CFS knows that besides living with a debilitating condition, they have to battle to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the medical profession and support services of government. Add to this the often quoted malingerer tag and life on the whole can be pretty crappy.

So when I first heard of the Lightening Process, I wasn’t sceptical although I did my due diligence, I was just so happy to hear that something was giving people with CFS hope and health.

I was diagnosed with CFS 4 years ago but I’ve been living with the symptoms for about 7. During that time I have had periods of wellness but invariably they were followed by crashes and me having to put my life on hold once again. What that taught me was that I knew my body had the capacity and ability to be well. What I couldn’t work out was how to maintain that.

That’s what the Lightning Process has done for me.

I did the Lightning Process training 2 weeks ago and can honestly say that I haven’t been this hopeful about my future for a very long time. I now have the ability to keep myself healthy and the determination to get my life back, albeit with a fairly healthy upgrade to a better model. Since finishing the training I have started eating previously ‘forbidden’ foods. I have taken up bushwalking and am now doing Pilates 3 times a week. I now love it when my legs ache, my heart gets pumping and I get short of breath…it means I’m working out! My next goal is to begin part-time work and resuscitate an almost dead social life.

Watch this space!


From Libby 1 year down the track

“It’s been almost a year since I did the LP training with Ian. I hardly recognise some of the aspects of my previous life that I wrote about in my success story. I honestly just can’t relate to that CFS/ME stage of my life anymore…it’s like it never happened. I know it did because of the evidence of the “lost years” but it’s really not a factor in my life anymore.

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