Ian Cleary

Over three months ago I did the Lightning Process course and it was the best training I’ve taken in my entire life. It has set me free at a level I never dreamed was possible, and now I have a newfound sense of energy, self esteem, self belief, confidence, and optimism and enthusiasm for life. I’ve even climbed a mountain in my local area!

I came to the Lightning Process wanting solutions for a bunch of things, however the most pressing issue was moderate chronic fatigue which was preventing me from holding down a job. I was fast becoming despondent having tried plenty of rest, supplements, lots of therapy, and still being unable to work.

When I started looking into what the Lightning Process offered, I did what I always do with new projects in my life: I did everything I could to prepare in advance. I researched everything I could about it, read every website, talked to people about it, and read the Introduction to the Lightning Process by Phil Parker (a downloadable audio book).

I personally found that with reading all this material with the gusto that I did, I started to absorb some of the concepts prior to the actual course. In doing so, I managed to get some improvements in my health before the course came around.

As a result, when the date of my LP course finally arrived, I was totally excited and eagerly looking forward to it, ready to get as much out of it as I could. What I didn’t expect was the course had solutions for things I hadn’t even been aware I had problems with, so there were some great surprises in store.

Now 3 months on, I am back to full time work and people have said I have “great energy”. I’ve done a 2 day hike, my back pain and migraines are completely gone, I sleep soundly every night, and I’m starting my own business. I feel happy every day, and EVERYONE has made this comment to me: the ‘sparkle in my eye’ has returned.

I found the Lightning Process to be totally research based, combing new scientific developments in an innovative way to unlock health and wellbeing. I truly believe that one day it will be common knowledge and a preferred method for dealing with health issues of all kinds.

Ian was a fantastic facilitator of the Lightning Process. He is highly experienced, with a prior background that makes him very knowledgable in his field. More than that, he genuinely wants to see people succeed and do well, and he puts his heart and soul into enabling you to get the most from the program.

Thanks Ian for setting me free into a future I now know is within my grasp. I now believe I deserve the best, and even better, I have the tools and techniques to make it a reality. I wish anyone thinking of doing the course all the very best on their personal journey to freedom too!


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