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all I can say is how wonderful it is to be able to lead a normal life again

I had migraine headaches for at least ten years and over the last few years they had become much worse, sometimes averaging up to three migraines a week, with a recovery day after each migraine that felt like a bad hangover.

I had seen G.P.’s , Naturopaths, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Myotherapists  and had tried lots of painkillers and  drugs including one normally used for Epilepsy, which, I was told, had some success in treating migraines.   Some of these drugs helped for a short while but nothing worked for longer than a couple of weeks, and they always came with unwanted side effects.

It is now just over one year since I completed the ‘Lightning Process’ (September 2011) and all I can say is how wonderful it is to be able to lead a normal life again.      Our daughter was married in March of this year and not only was I able to socialise and dance but also went out each night in the week leading up to the wedding with our son-in-law’s family and friends from New Zealand.   I was also able to go to our daughter’s hen’s weekend, for the whole weekend !!! I  have been going on long walks.   I have driven myself to Adelaide (approximately 4-5 hours) and Melbourne (5-6 hours)  whereas before I could not even be a passenger in a car for any length of time.     I can go to the cinema.   I can meet friends.   I am sleeping much, much better.     I started a volunteer job just after Christmas for two days a week ……………the list goes on and on.

All of these things I would never have considered being able to do before I did the Lightning Process.  There have been a few times when the old patterns started to creep back and that was a timely reminder to stay on track  and be consistent.   The more you do the process the better  it is.     Not only has it changed my life as far as migraines go  but it has also helped me with a work related anxiety problem.

All I can say is “thank you” Phil Parker and a special  BIG “thank you” to my teacher Ian  who has been so very supportive  and helpful.

Lyn   –  30th September, 2012.         I

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