Ian Cleary

OCT 2023

It’s now one year since I did the Lightning Process and what an amazing year it’s been!  There’s been plenty of big challenges to move through this year. Amongst several difficult issues to deal with, two of our beloved dogs died (both seniors) six months apart and my husband was diagnosed with a large, complex and inoperable brain aneurysm early this year. Of course this presented us both (at first) with great fear, but  – I’m still well! 

In the past, fear and stresses like these would have sent me reeling and in bed with all manner of hideous, debilitation symptoms (my stress response was high!) for weeks on end. Since doing the LP, which I practice every day, (and love), apart from a few days here and there of some old symptoms partially recurring, I’ve remained well. Whatever arises, I can now change it and feel good. Sometimes when dealing with the bigger challenges accompanied by grief and shock, it may take a day or so, but I can bounce back quickly. 

I get up at around 7.30-8  am and I’m up all day doing things I love. I’m going out with friends, (and I don’t need to sleep/rest before and there’s no payback!) I’m walking for 30 to 60 mins every day, I go to the gym three times per week and I do stretching and other exercises every day, plus practice my much loved QiGong daily. But that’s stuff I do. Don’t get me wrong – I love being able to go out, have the energy to exercise etc but it’s the mental benefits that are probably the best. I’m calmer, I rarely feel anxious, (and if I do, I can change it). I’m more confident and make clearer, better decisions and I’m looking forward to starting more new things even at my senior age of 73. I used to achieve things by pushing myself and just doing my best to manage my symptoms – now I’m calmly and strongly flourishing. The LP gives me confidence to know I can stay well and love my life regardless of what arises. 

My husband completed the LP recently too and it’s taken our relationship to a whole other level. We work on the LP together and it’s such a joy that we speak the same ‘language’ now, more than ever before, even though we’ve always been very close and had great communication. 

Ian, Phil and the Lightning Process have given me a better life than I’ve ever experienced previously. 

With love and deep gratitude,

Wendy Bryan. 

Watch Wendy’s first Check in video below

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