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It’s hard to put in to words how incredibly life changing the Lightning Process course is. I went to the Lightning Process course in a wheel chair (which I had been in for over a year) suffering chronic fatigue and severe pelvis pain due to Ostetis Pubis and I can honestly say after the first day of the course I walked out pushing the wheelchair back to my hotel room where I was staying for the few days to do the course. To say I got some weird looks from the hotel staff is an understatement, they had seen me only that morning looking withered and depressed in the wheel chair to suddenly walking back in to the hotel that afternoon with my head held high and a beaming smile on my face, I can only imagine what they were thinking!

Ian is such a great teacher who has an amazing calmness about him which helped me through the course so much.

I’ve since referred quite a few people who have all suffered differing illnesses from Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, back pain, allergies and depression and ALL of them have had great results like myself, it’s been so great to see people I know who have suffered also come away from the course feeling great too!

Before the course I was bed bound and wheelchair bound, now I have a busy happy life running my own business and doing normal people things like going to the gym and yoga!!!

I can’t recommend this course enough, as I say, it’s life changing!!!



FROM IAN:  Thanks F.G.  While this might sound miraculous to some, when you understand the role of the brain in pain and fatigue then recovery is not about healing but retraining. Unlike other trainings like learning an instrument or a language that you have never done before, with the Lightning Process you are learning to do things you used to do really well. Everything you need is already there. I discuss this further in my blog post HERE

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