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The best part about the Lightning Process is there is no fear of relapsing – I now know what to do!
I battled with chronic fatigue for over 6 years, with waves of improvements and crashes.  Along with my specialist, I tried many treatment options; time off work, supplements, vitamin B injections, graded exercise, oxygen therapy, etc.  I seemed to fall in the ‘unexplainable’ category each time… this treatment had no success, but perhaps the next one will!  At my worst periods during this time I was bedridden for weeks on end, and it was hard to sustain friendships and remain positive.
I heard about the Lightning Process from a friend who had recently completed the course.  She was bursting with energy and enthusiasm and it was easy to see this had dramatically changed her life.  I was able to ask her about my doubts – it does have a very unusual name and sounds just too good to be true – and it was very helpful to hear her speak honestly about just how wonderfully it had impacted her health and her life.
After speaking with Ian directly I quickly began to hope this could work for me too.  In fact, believing it can is a crucial ingredient to getting well.  In the end, both my brother and I signed up to do it with our spouses as our support people (my brother was very ill with chronic pain) and we were very excited to see what potential it held for us.
At the end of the first day I went home and ran 3km – a distance which previously even just walking would have been a huge challenge!  It is hard to describe just how joyful this time was for me, it was the unlocking of a door which had been long shut, and I wasn’t sure if it would ever be opened!  For me, the remaining 2 days of the course was all about consolidating my healing, and I have never looked back.  It is truly amazing what our brains are capable of, and Ian just gave us the key to understanding this.
I am a Christian, and I would like to mention that for me the Lightning Process never clashed with my faith beliefs.  It makes sense scientifically, and I imagine is very approachable from any faith or atheist stance.  There is lots of scope for personal interpretation, you’re not dictated to in any way.
Both my brother and I are now completely well.  The best part about the Lightning Process is there is no fear of relapsing – I now know what to do!  Now I am training for a half marathon, working full time, and have discovered a love for boxing.  I am able to throw myself into my exciting but exhausting job, and get so much satisfaction from being able to keep up with my young nephews.  I am very excited that having children is now a possibility for me, and am so grateful for my husband’s incredible support – firstly being willing to love and accept me while I was sick, and then now to enjoy a full and energetic life together.  I am also no longer threatened by the dark shadow of depression, which was a frequent visitor while I was sick.
I like to say Praise God!  But really any way you look at it, it was an amazing and dramatic recovery.  I would highly recommend the Lightning Process.
Sarah Kelly
Sarah’s success featured in an article in the Berwick Leader. Read about her CFS Recovery Story 

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