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WHAT determines HOW

April 16, 2020IanUncategorizedComments Off on WHAT determines HOW

‘WHAT’ determines the ‘HOW’

Understanding pain & fatigue is the critical first step.

When someone is suffering from Chronic Pain or Chronic Fatigue the obvious question is ‘HOW’ do I recover? More important than HOW, is the more fundamental question – WHAT?

WHAT is pain / WHAT is fatigue.

The answer is counter-intuitive, challenging and a breakthrough in neuroscience. However once you understand the WHAT you can then move to the HOW.

Management can be put aside and recovery can be the focus.

PAIN is not a sign of damage and FATIGUE is not a lack of energy. Understanding these jarring yet fundamental neuroscience principles answer the WHAT.

With a solid understanding of WHAT then you can move to the important HOW.

Sam’s success story hints at the importance of this concept
“The way the LP views conditions like CFS was unlike anything I’d read online, but to me it was the most logical.”

Read her full story here …..



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