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Lightning Process for Migraines & Headaches – Dave’s Story

March 11, 2020IanChronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Inspirational & General Interest, Success StoriesComments Off on Lightning Process for Migraines & Headaches – Dave’s Story

I’ve used the Lightning Process to not just get my life back again but to get an even better one

Since my late teens I suffered reasonably bad headaches, normally once a week. I took pain relief and could generally carry on with life. As these things ran in my family I wasn’t overly concerned. However, as I got older I noticed things were gradually getting worse: headaches once a week turned into twice a week, the headache that never lasted more than a day was now with me the following day, the intensity of the pain was increasing and more things seemed to be a trigger e.g. light, physical exercise, food,  socialising, work etc. Over time I realised that my condition wasn’t “normal” and over the years I exhausted every avenue looking for a cause and cure – both conventional and alternative. I visited doctors, neurologists, pain specialists, liver specialists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, dentists; I went on strict diets, tried supplements and vitamins etc – the list is endless. I had many tests done but nothing much could be found that was wrong with me – which on the one hand was good but, on the other, was terrible because I was clearly very unwell but unable to do anything about it. Most practitioners had opinions on what was wrong with me (albeit without much evidence) but their treatments never worked for me. Neurologists told me I simply suffered from “classic migraine” and that it was genetic.

After 30 years my condition got to the point where I was suffering from daily, chronic migraines. I was generally confined to my house and lived a life in pain. On the rare occasions I met friends and family I mostly managed to put a smile on my face and played down the seriousness of my condition. Whilst most knew I “suffered from headaches”, very few understood the extent of the problem. I continued visiting my neurologist to try “the next drug on the list” – but by this time I had pretty much given up of ever finding a cure.

A friend in the UK had used the Lightning Process to cure her ME many years ago and recommended I try it. As I was trying other treatments at the time, it was about a year later that I finally looked into it. I was impressed that it was based upon the latest scientific facts about how the brain and pain works. The more I looked into it and read the testimonials of how it had worked for others I was starting to think that it could work for me too. I was eager to start the training…

It’s now been 6 months since the training and how my life has changed since then! To be more accurate, I had lost my life but now I’ve used the Lightning Process to not just get my life back again but to get an even better one. Simple things I could never do before I can now do easily, like mowing the lawn or washing the car etc. I love to ride my bike every morning and every evening I enjoy a 30 min walk – things that would have previously been impossible. A whole new world has been opened up to me – one which can now be enjoyed (and planned) with friends and family – kayaking, karting, playing squash, visiting the beach, enjoying nature, holidays etc. In short, I find enjoyment in everything I do – I’m happy, energetic, confident and calm. I no longer take any medication and the occasional headache is minor, soon passes and doesn’t interrupt my life. I am seeing this improve as I continue to use the Lightning Process and expect them to eventually disappear altogether.

Friends and family can’t believe how much I’ve changed and my wife says it’s like getting the “old me” back again, only improved! The transformation is nothing short of remarkable and I am so grateful to be one of those now writing a testimonial.

I am so thankful I came across the Lightning Process and thankful to Ian Cleary, who was excellent during the training and helpful and insightful after it.

If you are reading this and are desperate to get your life back then do it, it can work for you too!


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