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Lightning Process Now ONLINE!

April 24, 2020IanUncategorizedComments Off on Lightning Process Now ONLINE!

Lightning Process now ONLINE!

Due to current restrictions I am temporarily offering all Lightning Process trainings through a video conferencing format (Aust & NZ only).

As many of you are at home at the moment it could be a great opportunity to read up on the concepts behind the training to decide if it makes sense to you and your situation.

So over the next few weeks I will be sending out a series of emails.

I will be exploring some critical neuroscience principles and core concepts the Lightning Process is based on.

I will discuss neuroplasticity, the role of stress physiology, the impact of trauma on the nervous system and the neurobiology of pain & fatigue. Some people will be offended by these topics because it sounds like I’m suggesting it’s ‘all in the head’. I’m not – but I won’t shy away from discussing these critical concepts.

I’ll explore how the brain & the body influence each other and the impact we can have on our health by not just understanding this relationship  – but harnessing it.

If you believe things are either physical OR psychological, that the brain plays no role in your health, or ‘there is no cure’ then this isn’t the place for you.

If you decide to subscribe, my aim is not to convince you to do the Lightning Process. I merely hope to explain a neuroscience & brain health model of common health conditions and the concepts behind the work I do.

It will be up to you what happens next.

If you stick around I’ll cover topics such as


The #1 thing standing between you and FULL recovery 

Why Neuroplasticity is considered the greatest medical discovery in the last 400years

How good management techniques can take people further from recovery.

Why everything you know about pain & fatigue is outdated. And why that’s the most exciting news you could get today!

Why severity & duration have little to do with the possibility, the ease or the speed of recovery. (Because it’s not a ‘healing’ journey but retraining one)


I hope the emails that follow give insight into a radically new way of seeing common chronic illnesses and don’t just give hope but a real understanding that change IS possible.

If you can’t wait for the coming emails and want something to do now here are some suggestions.

LISTEN to a Podcast interview I did a while back.

WATCH Norman Doidge the ‘Father of Neuroplasticity’ describe the brain’s remarkable capacity to adapt and change with experience or imagined experience.

Or simply EMAIL to arrange a time to chat.


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