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Sick for decades? Read on…

I recently listened to an interview with Dr Edward Taub, who has become a world leader in stroke rehabilitation and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). He features in Norman Doidge’s book – The Brain that Changes Itself. He shows the real life applications of Neural Plasticity with his work training people out of their […]

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Stress & Unpredictability

I recently ran a Lightning Process training and gave a public talk in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was my first time back there since the earthquake and it got me thinking about the impact of unpredictability on our physical and mental well-being. Experiments done on rodents highlight the physiological impact of unpredictability. One group of […]

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It’s a sign!!

After a recent Lightning Process training on the Sunshine Coast a lady sent me this photo. She said she used to see the ‘Avoid Fatigue’ Signs and grumble to herself. Now they make her laugh!

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Choosing (well) what defines us

We all have defining experiences in our lives – an event or situation that becomes a driving force behind our actions and therefore our lives. Of course for some their triumph over Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is their defining moment. “If I can beat this then I wonder what else I can achieve” […]

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Lightning Process on UK TV last week.

ME Awareness Week. Nice to see the focus shift a little from ‘ME – it’s real and there is nothing you can do about it’ to a different sort of awareness – ‘It’s real and you can make massive change in your life’. There are ways out of the horror of ME/CFS. Watch one lady’s […]

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Neuralplasticity and ME/CFS

A few people have asked me about a book I sometimes make reference to  – ‘The Brain that Changes Itself” by  Norman Doidge. ME/CFS is a classified by the World Health Organsiation as a Neurological Condition. So for sufferers it contains a great overview of the changes in our understanding of how the brain works. […]

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“In other words I now have a life” – Claire – CFS for 16 years

Another great Lightning Process success story. This is a letter from Claire, a lovely lady I saw in Auckland a few months ago. The letter was written to the New Zealand ME Society and featured in their monthly newsletter. Well done Claire. What a remarkable change. Enjoy! The Editors, ANZMES Journal. I was interested to […]

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Ever had your diagnosis challenged as not genuine?

This is my response (published in the Meeting Place – NZ ME/CFS association), to a previous article challenging that the Lightning Process can work with ME. My previous post gives the context of the letter. ______________________________________________________ There has been a lot written about the Lightning Process over the last 10 years and it certainly has […]

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Letter to editor

A recent article in the ANZMES newsletter from a member, put into print one of the arguments I regularly hear and felt needed addressing. A big thanks to Colin for allowing my comments to be printed in the following edition. To paraphrase the article I was responding to – If you get well using the […]

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Lightning Process, rain, wind and thunder

Last year I had a very nervous training in Noosa as a cyclone headed our way and changed course at the last moment. Phew. Then my last trip to South Island New Zealand for a training had the small town I was staying in receive a record downpour and I was flooded in. (Hello to […]

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