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BBC Programme on Placebo

March 3, 2014IanIn the News & Research, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on BBC Programme on Placebo

Great BBC Horizon programme on the power of our brain’s ability to influence us. Placebo –

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Anxiety and the Lightning Process

February 19, 2014IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on Anxiety and the Lightning Process

Time to bust a myth around anxiety. MYTH – Anxiety is all in the mind If you approach anxiety like it is ‘All in the Mind’ and just about anxious thoughts you miss the fact that it is just as much about a habitual physical response. Anxiety is not just about thoughts. Trying to beat […]

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A thought about allergies

  In a lab in Japan, 13 people who are extremely allergic to Poison Ivy, undergo an experiment. They see two leaves in front of them. The familiar, dreaded Poison Ivy leaf and a harmless leaf. One arm will be rubbed with Poison Ivy, the other arm rubbed with the harmless leaf. After being blindfolded […]

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Dancing Naked in the Full Moon Light?

August 20, 2013IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Inspirational & General Interest, Lightning ProcessComments Off on Dancing Naked in the Full Moon Light?

I’m never the first port of call for someone seeking help. Everyone I see has tried many things to get well – from the conventional to the outright weird (think dancing naked in a forest on a full moon!). But just because nothing has worked doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be well. It just means […]

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What organ do we use to hear?

A simple enough question right? Well our body is not that simple. We collect information through sound waves through our ears, but what we actually ‘hear’ is determined by our brain – and our brain takes in far more than just sound. It also takes in other sensory information including vision, smell, taste and importantly […]

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CFS Awareness Day & Mothers Day

May 17, 2013IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, In the News & Research, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on CFS Awareness Day & Mothers Day

My gorgeous wife’s recent article on celebrating Mothers Day AND celebrating CFS recovery last Sunday.  

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Post Lightning Process pain?

March 6, 2013IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on Post Lightning Process pain?

I love getting updates from people about what they are up to in the years that follow their Lightning Process training – jobs, weddings, kids, sport, travel etc etc. I often tell people to take photos of their successes as a ‘visual reminder’. I was recently sent this photo from a past client – you […]

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From CFS to Mexico, USA, Thailand & Cambodia (and back)..in 6 months

Below is a story from Brendan who did the Lightning Process 6 months ago. Well done Brendan. I had CFS for 2 years.  Prior to CFS I was a 24yr old young man training as semi professional rugby player whilst working a full time job, One Wednesday morning I basically collapsed and turned into a […]

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ME/CFS ‘Full’ Awareness Day

Today is ME/CFS Awareness Day. An important day to educate the general public about this much misunderstood condition. The majority of people I see took way too long to get a diagnosis and during that time most encountered one of these: It’s a form of depression You just need to take it easy You just need […]

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Author of “Explain Pain” – Lorimer Moseley – on Why things hurt

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