Ian Cleary

ME/CFS ‘Full’ Awareness Day

Today is ME/CFS Awareness Day. An important day to educate the general public about this much misunderstood condition.

The majority of people I see took way too long to get a diagnosis and during that time most encountered one of these:

  • It’s a form of depression
  • You just need to take it easy
  • You just need to get on with things
  • There is nothing wrong with you
  • It’s all in your head
  • There is no such thing as ME/CFS
…..even though the World Health Organisation classifies it as a neurological condition.

So awareness IS very important.

However, in the desire to prove ME/CFS is “real” and “bad” there is a missing piece of information, and that is that ‘people do recover’.

For sufferers of ME/CFS this piece of information is critical. It means people don’t have to just ‘learn to manage their energy levels and learn to live with it’. And it allows the search for answers to continue without pessimism or hopelessness.

Pessimism and hopeless can actually play a role in the path of an illness but that is for another post.


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