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What role does age play in one’s ability to change?

February 29, 2012IanSuccess Stories0

Age, Lightning Process & ME/CFS

Our brain’s ability to change and adapt is with us until the day we die. This is the surprising finding in Neural Plasticity. While the brain undergoes incredible development and change in our early years its capacity to change never disappears.

So age is no obstacle to change….unless we believe it is and don’t try. Neurally we are always in a state of potential change, however we get stuck in an auto-pilot. The great news is that at any age we can retrain our brain to serve us better and influence our health.
Here is a link to an inspirational story about one woman’s experience of the Lightning Process with ME/CFS.  At 70 years old and after years of being bed bound/house bound she is literally back in the drivers seat, and by her story she is enjoying the ride.
Janice was an inspiration through the training and through follow up as she refused to allow age to play a role in her success.
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