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A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

January 31, 2014IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, UncategorizedComments Off on A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

Sleep is such a normal part of every person’s life. It’s one of those things (like health/digestion/ energy) that you don’t think about it much until it’s not working. Then you really think about it.

But when it comes to sleep, HOW you think about it matters. It really matters.

Why? Because the brain is linked to every function required for great health and great sleep.

This article helps explain one of the reason’s we will look at the role your thoughts play in deciding both how you sleep and how you feel when you wake up.

There are other pieces to the puzzle, but our thoughts is one piece that is often over looked. None of the other pieces are difficult but all of the pieces are important, including our beliefs about sleep.

In short, your beliefs about how much sleep you need, what conditions you think you need to sleep, how much focus you put on the night before, how much focus you put on the coming night will not only determine how you sleep, but also how tired you feel when you wake. You can sleep really well but your thoughts about sleep can still create mental and physical fatigue.

Research is now looking at fatigue being like a ‘brain derived emotion’ rather than the results of running out of energy. ┬áThis article shows how that can show it self.



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