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Lightning Process Babies

As I start to get Christmas cards from people I have seen over the years and I hear what they are up to now, the one thing that always amazes me is the incredible ripple effect that occurs when someone gets success with the Lightning Process. It rarely effects just that person. Most people I see have a support group of friends and family who also benefit when some one gets their health back.It might be a partner who can now have a ‘normal’ relationship or a child who gets a mother back. (Some friends and family of course don’t stick around and have long gone by the time people see me).

There is one thing though that I really enjoy…getting news that one of my
Lightning Process graduates is pregnant. I know how much it means to them as my wife and I were in the same position.
I call them ‘Lightning Process Babies’, and I’ve just found out that one of this years graduates is pregnant!
For my wife it was a little different. We fell pregnant while she was still sick. She was terrified as she couldn’t even look after herself. (As her carer and husband I was terrified as well). But being pregnant was the powerful motivator she needed to totally commit to doing the work required to get well.
We now have 2 gorgeous little boys who get to enjoy life with their healthy Mum.
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