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Healing or retraining?

January 27, 2017IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, Neuroplasticity, Success StoriesComments Off on Healing or retraining?

How influential is severity or duration on the course of recovery?

From a ‘traditional’ healing perspective then you would say these factors are very relevant. But what EXACTLY needs to heal?  And even if there is healing required, our body is really good at that. A broken bone can heal in just 6 weeks. Skin can heal really quickly and the cells of our digestive tract are replaced so rapidly.

Approaching issues from a Neuroplasticity framework, allows people to see that it’s not a ‘healing’ journey at all.  It’s a retraining process… and our brain is the most flexible and trainable organ we have.

So length of illness or severity is not a key factor in success with the Lightning Process.

Like learning anything new, it takes focus and work, with set backs and slip ups, lessons and insight. Unlike other trainings like learning an instrument or a language that you have never learnt before, with the Lightning Process you are learning to do things you have done before. I often say to people that everything they need is already there.

Can anyone learn to change their brain? Well like it or not, your brain is changing anyway. It’s built into it’s very structure –  the capacity to change its structure and function if required. That capacity stays with us until the day we die. So why not learn to guide the process?

So that becomes the focus of the Lightning Process  – training the brain and body to respond appropriately to ‘stimulus’ – whether that be learning to respond more appropriately to touch, exercise, food, people, light, noise, chemicals, temperature, places, times of the day.

The Lightning Process teaches people to get ‘unstuck’ and to learn to respond historically rather than appropriately.

How long does it take?  It starts from Day 1 – because it is a training.

Here is one lady’s story from debilitating pain and fatigue to recovery. If there was healing to occur this would be miraculous. But it’t not miraculous. It’s possible when you understand the brain’s role in guiding our health.


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