Ian Cleary

The perception of threat

May 18, 2016IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, The Stress ResponseComments Off on The perception of threat

We give our brain far too much credit for being ‘smart’. Its real focus is PROTECTION.

Good health requires the brain to have an accurate perception of what’s going on outside the skull (in the body and around the body). The accurate perception of threat is critical  and it is often way off.

If you fear speaking in public your brain is protecting you by literally producing the same biological response as if you were about to be attacked by a tiger. Way over-protected!

So we may need to retrain the brain and alter its perception of threat. It’s not just public speaking. Think anxiety, phobias, PTSD, chronic pain.

The brain is highly protective and luckily highly trainable. It’s not ‘smart’. YOU are smart. You are not your brain.



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