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Pain and Emotions

February 20, 2014IanChronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, In the News & ResearchComments Off on Pain and Emotions

As we discover more about the brain’s fundamental role in Chronic Pain, we are seeing the importance of taking a broad perspective when making changes.

Just because medication does’t work for example, doesn’t mean it is hopeless. Medication can only do so much, and sometimes the work required is beyond the ability of drugs to change.

Like the role that emotions can play in creating and maintaining chronic pain. How we respond to the world emotionally becomes habitual.  Our learned emotional responses can impact our nervous system and our perception and creation of pain.

So when I am working with people with Chronic Pain they need to be ready to look at making changes on a broad level. It can’t just be about trying to make the pain go away. It is looking at what changes people can make in their lives (in their body and mind) that will influence the problem.

This article helps explain this and looks at the links between emotions and pain.

“Change your brain and you can change your life”

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