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CFS & High Performance Sport

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Over training

CFS & High Performance Sport

I often see athletes who are in peak physical condition who get a virus which begins the path towards CFS. The ongoing fatigue, pushing through, a low immune system and inability to function as they used to. These cases  should silence the people who see CFS sufferers as ‘malingerers’ or lazy. These people love their sport and would give anything to be able to get back out there.

Sometimes in the course of getting a diagnosis these people are told they will never be able to perform at that level again, or give up completely. This ‘acceptance’ model is just another way people learn to ‘manage’ their condition instead of beating it.

My experience is that people can train them self out of CFS and return to the thing they love. They are often used to the discipline of training so if they are ready for it, then they can do very well. They might just have to make some changes to the way they were operating to ensure that success is sustainable.

Here is a link to one man’s experience.

High Perfermance Sport & CFS – Dean the Boxer’s Story


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