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Over-protective = Hypersensitive

May 18, 2016IanUncategorizedComments Off on Over-protective = Hypersensitive

Stress hormones protect us from the clichéd tiger. Chronic stress however puts us into an unnecessarily protective biological state. There is no tiger so we are over-protected. An over-protective brain & nervous system will assess ‘safe’ things as ‘dangerous’ and respond accordingly. Biologically overprotective = hyper-sensitive.

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A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

January 31, 2014IanDepression, anxiety and other conditions, In the News & Research, UncategorizedComments Off on A few thoughts about sleep and fatigue

Sleep is such a normal part of every person’s life. It’s one of those things (like health/digestion/ energy) that you don’t think about it much until it’s not working. Then you really think about it. But when it comes to sleep, HOW you think about it matters. It really matters. Why? Because the brain is […]

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