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Hello all,

My name is Dean Hamson, I am 23 years old, an amateur boxer and up until October 2009 I had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for just less than three years.

My illness started of with me getting what seemed to be a flu every two or three weeks for a period of about five months. I would start to feel sick and go see a local GP who would either give me anti biotics or tell me that I had a viral infection and just to have a few days off work and training and I would be fine. I would take their advice and rest up and within a few days I would feel well enough to get back to work, but sure enough within a few weeks I would have the same symptoms back.

After about five months I finally booked in to see and ear, nose and throat specialist. I had tests done and it was found that I had glandular fever and CMV as well as allergies to mould, dust, pollen, cats and dogs. I felt this explained a lot but the doctor said that I had caught glandular fever more than three months earlier so resting now would have no real benefits as it was past its incubation period, or something to that affect. I decided to have a month off work and training anyway and actually felt fine after that rest and headed back to work and the gym.

My life over the next two years followed a similar pattern. I would get sick, have some time off work and training, feel well enough to go back to my normal routine but eventually I would get worn down and need more time off. At the time I was working as a real estate agent and I had to quit this because of my excessive time off and take up work as a casual labourer on building sites.

My symptoms over this period were generally flu like symptoms such as sore throats, blocked noses and the usual aches and pains.

Over this period I saw countless doctors, naturopaths and specialists in chronic fatigue. I tried all sorts of vitamin supplements, diets, medications and was even told that depression was the cause of my fatigue.

Then in February of 2009 I had a boxing match on and I trained harder than ever before and was easily in the best shape of my life. I won the fight easily and I would say it was the best I have ever felt in my life. But afterwards I walked onto a balcony where some people were smoking and instantly felt my throat swell up.

The next morning I woke up and could feel the same old symptoms coming on. I figured I had just had and allergic reaction to the smoke. I wasn’t concerned as this had happened so many times before. I spoke to my trainer and told him I would need a few days off and would be back in the gym next week…. I didn’t get back to the gym for eight months!

From that one sore throat I was sick for the best part of that year. I slowly deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t train at all and was only working a few days a week. I continued seeing different doctors and specialists in the chronic fatigue field. They tried many things, none of which had any lasting affects.

Eventually in July I had to quit work as I simply got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house.

I was getting sicker all the time and having less energy on an almost daily basis. The flu symptoms had been replaced by complete fatigue as well as headaches and an incredible pain in the back of my eyes.

I was at a breaking point and searching for any answers when I was on an internet forum and saw something written about someone using the lightning process and having success. I instantly looked up the website and read through as much information as I could before the pain in my eyes could get to me.

The stories on the website gave me hope that if these people had recovered so could I and when I read the explanation of chronic fatigue on the website it sounded like what I had been going through.

I got in touch with Ian and within two weeks I was at the first day of the lightning process. By the end of the first day I felt I was headed in the right direction. I went home and was able to run five km’s which for someone who had basically been stuck in bed for two months was a pretty good effort. But my first night was pretty rough and I was so tired I just wanted to sleep the next day and not even go to the course.

On day two I saw how much the other two people in my group had improved and it was definitely a turning point for me. That afternoon I went home and trained again, much harder this time and afterwards I felt much better than the day before. During this whole time I was applying the process regularly and feeling the tremendous benefits.

Day three was only a fairly short day and I was so excited by the end of it as I was convinced that I now had the tools to completely overcome this Chronic Fatigue.

Within a month I was back in the ring and had won my first fight! I am back at work labouring full time now as well as training six days a week and just absolutely loving life. In fact I am infinitely happier with my life now then before I was sick. It truly has been a life changing experience,

To anyone who is feeling stuck at the moment and wondering whether the lightning process can help them I would say it definitely can. I believe if you commit to the process completely and follow your trainer’s instructions than you can absolutely overcome any issue you are currently facing.

Dean Hamson

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